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How To Choose Between Gas Heating And Wood Heating This Winter: Pros And Cons

How To Choose Between Gas Heating And Wood Heating This Winter

Many people prefer inbuilt wood heaters to inbuilt gas heaters in Sydney as they often produce more heat for the entire home. On the other hand, inbuilt gas heaters can warm separate rooms depending on need without wasting heat in unoccupied rooms. Unlike automatic gas heaters, you also require actual firewood to light a wood heater.
These are just a few of the considerations when choosing heating. Keep reading to learn the advantages and disadvantages of both heaters, helping you to make the decision this winter.

Gas heaters

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of installing freestanding gas heaters in your home.

Pros of gas heaters

  • Gas heaters are easy to use as they have an on-and-off switch. You will not need to chop firewood and constantly build a fire to enjoy the comfort and warmth it provides in your home.
  • Temperature control. You can lower or increase the desired heat as it comes with a thermostat. You only need to use the remote control to adjust the settings in any room.
  • Sealed ventilation. Gas heaters have vents that use the outside air to help improve the air quality in your home.
  • Natural or propane gas options. You can use propane gas in an area without access to natural gas. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the availability of electricity as gas heaters rely solely on gas.


Cons of gas heaters

  • For safety reasons, only professionals can install gas heaters, which comes at an initial cost. Similarly, maintenance requires an expert, which can also be expensive.
  • You must also install a gas leak detector as the stove can leak. Cleaning the vent is also necessary for it to function correctly.
  • The location of a gas heater is crucial as it requires a vent or chimney for proper ventilation.


Wood heaters

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of installing freestanding wood heaters.

Pros of wood heaters

  • Affordable heating. Wood heaters provide constant heat for the entire house at a low cost. Modern stoves require less firewood and burn longer, making it easy to keep burning all night.
  • It saves money. Firewood tends to be cheaper than gas in the long run, making it a viable option for those looking to save money on gas bills.
  • Easy installation. Wood heaters are simple to set up as they can replace an inbuilt wood-burning fireplace. Vents connect to the existing chimney for adequate air circulation.
  • Tradition and nostalgia. Wood-burning heaters bring memories of warm winter days and nights of the past. It’s common to want to recreate that feeling and enjoy the smell of burning firewood.


 Cons of wood heaters

  • Dry storage space is necessary for firewood and can be challenging if you need more space.
  • It is tedious to keep a wood fire going. One must physically collect wood and light the fire. Maintenance is also mandatory, as cleaning the ash and chimney is done regularly.
  • Wood heaters emit actual wood smoke, which may affect sensitive people. Cleaner fuel and maintenance of the heater are necessary for this instance.



The choice between gas and wood heating for your home this winter depends on the above factors. However, your budget, preference, and home needs will determine your decision.

Contact Home Heat & BBQ today for all your freestanding gas and wood heaters queries in Sydney. We will advise on the best option for your home and provide professional installation services.


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