11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

The Right Weber Model for You

When you think about the car that you bought, how did you go about choosing the right one for you? Did you carefully research – petrol or diesel, SUV or sedan, model and make, price, and others? Maybe you just chose the cheapest or the one recommended to you by friends?

Choosing the right Weber model for you is a little like choosing a car. There is the opportunity to just go for the cheapest, or what people who know you think you would like, or there is the opportunity to research and how a think about which is going to be the best model for you both now, as well as longer term – as you tend to get around 10 years of use out of your barbeque!

So here are some things to consider before jumping in with the first Weber that you see…

Portable or (mainly) fixed?

This is the first question that’ll dictate your barbeque choice. If you want to be able to take your Weber away on camping trips and the like, then you’ll need to check out the Weber Smokey Joe, Weber Jumbo Joe, Weber Q, Weber Baby Q, or Weber Go Anywhere. Otherwise, if your Weber is to be mainly fixed, you have your pick of the bunch. There are inbuilt models to choose from if you’re sure you want a fixed barbeque, too.

Charcoal or gas?

Another big decision is whether to go for charcoal or gas. Some people enjoy the smoked flavour that comes with a charcoal barbeque, while others prefer the convenience of gas. When you’re choosing a gas bbq cooker, there’s also the choice of mains connected gas or gas bottles.

How big does it need to be?

The answer to this one lies in how many people you think you’ll be barbequing for most times. If you’re primarily going to use your barbeque for entertaining, then bigger is better. If it’s for regular household barbeques you could go for a midrange, and if it’s just for couple’s camping trips then something like the Weber Baby Q is going to be all you need. Remember that if you are cooking for more people on the odd occasion you can always barbeque your food in batches – although this can get annoying depending on how many batches you need to do.

Home Heating & BBQ are leaders in Weber products and supplies. If you are having any difficulties in trying to figure out which model of Weber is going to suit you best then let us help you out. Our expert staff have helped many of our happy customers in figuring out which barbeque is going to be their perfect match. Ask us and see for yourself!

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