11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

A close look at our charcoal BBQ options

Multiple factors will drive your choice of BBQ. Charcoal lovers enjoy smoky flavours and prefer to grill on high heat. They’re not too bothered by the clean-up or the process of lighting their BBQs. Fortunately, modern charcoal BBQs are a lot less messy than their ancestors. Many have ash pans you can easily remove and dump out. Others have water trays for a moister result. Weber has a premium range of charcoal BBQs, and we stock them here are Home Heat & BBQ, so if you’re unclear about what to buy, we can help.

Keep it slow and smoky

Meat needs to be smoked at low temperatures for prolonged periods. When you’re smoking ‘in the wild’ you use a room with ‘vaulted ceilings’. The meat hangs on a rack near the top while the embers are positioned near the bottom. Another option is to dig a deep hole beneath your meat, place the coals inside the hole, then suspend your meat on a spit above the hole. Weber recreates this effect in its Smokey Mountain series of Weber charcoal BBQ grills.

The BBQs are cylindrical with rounded ends. The elongated body helps with the cooking process because the smoke can reach every part of your dish, offering even grilling and consistent flavour. Its handles are insulated glass to prevent burning yourself while you cook, and each one has its own thermometer built in. They’re portable, so they’re ideal for picnics, road trips, or simply carrying them from the store to the yard.

Kettles and domes

Weber Kettle BBQs were the first product Weber produced, and they’re still the brand’s flagship. The BBQ is dome-shaped and easy to clean, thanks to its ash catcher and drip tray. To clean your Weber, all you have to do is slide the cleaning vent with a single touch. It pushes all ash and debris into the ash catcher, which you can them empty and reposition. Some units have added features like side tables and storage cabinets.

Charcoal BBQs require a lot of ventilation, so Webers are built with vents that have rust-resistant capabilities. The Weber Performer has its own timer that you can detach when it’s not in use, while the Weber Ranch has accolades as the world’s largest kettle BBQ. It has 4 baskets for charcoal and 10 drip pans made of aluminium. Drip pans catch the juices from your food, but because they’re inside the dome, the dripped juices heat up and recycle your food’s flavour without leaving a mess for you to clean.

Cooking on the move

All Weber charcoal barbecue products have wheels, so technically, they’re all portable. But we stock a specific range of mobile units, like the Weber Go Anywhere. Its foldable legs make it easy to pack and carry, and its cooking surface has chrome plating for even heating and quick cleaning. It’s ideal if you like your hibachi. Like all the Webers we supply, it has a warranty of 10 years, so you’re assured of quality and after-sales service.

To explore our selection of charcoal BBQs and see what else is our showrooms, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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