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Choosing the Right Weber BBQ Model for Your Grilling Style

Choosing the Right Weber BBQ Model for Your Grilling Style

During the winter months, when waterpark adventures and beach getaways are less feasible, it’s the perfect time to gather your favorite people and cosy up around the warmth of your Weber BBQ. Hosting a spontaneous backyard party only requires a few essentials, and once you have sorted out food and drink, all you need is a proper grill that suits your cooking style.

The Classic Kettle Grill

Weber introduced its iconic charcoal kettle grill in the 1950s. To this day, the classic bowl-and-lid design is very popular among grill enthusiasts, as it prevents food from losing moisture, while the briquettes infuse a smoky flavour, resulting in perfectly charred bites. Ideal for grilling steaks and glazed salmon, the Weber charcoal grill is now available in different sizes and models in all three Home Heat & BBQ stores Marsden Park, Penrith, and Eastern Creek.

The Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Smokey Mountain Cooker is a “low-and-slow” type of Weber smoker grill, great for those interested in experimenting with different wood chips to complement meats with subtle hints of smoke flavours. Warm charcoal sits below a water pan, and the steam-filled smoky container heats the food inside, allowing you to smoke hams, turkeys, briskets, and roasts to perfection.

Today, the American brand offers various options, from gas grills to smoker grills and even portable models, catering to novices and seasoned home chefs alike.

Weber’s Range of Gas Grills

While the Weber charcoal grill has dominated in flavour for decades, gas-fuelled versions have caught up and are becoming increasingly popular due to their usability and flexibility. The Weber BBQ gas grills come in three main tiers: Spirit, Genesis, and Summit.

The Spirit

The Spirit EX-315 Smart BBQ is the most affordable option. It features three stainless steel burners, integrated Weber Connect Smart Technology, flavouriser bars, and a warming rack.

The Genesis

The Genesis line offers more features, like extra warming racks, a dedicated sear zone and a large prep and serve area. The Genesis range is designed for cooking full multi-course meals.

The Summit

At the top tier, the Summit grills are precision-based outdoor kitchens with cooking zones, sear stations, rotisserie cookers, and high-quality materials like stainless steel rod grates.

Portable Weber Grills

For outdoor adventures and travelling, there is a portable grills available. The iconic Q series, fuelled by liquid propane, compresses the kettle design into a flattened shape, perfect for flexible fun.

For those seeking the authentic charcoal experience, the Smokey Joe has a light, porcelain-enamelled body for holding burning briquettes, perfect for searing proteins. The Go Anywhere includes a lid that can be used as a manual fan or classic Weber smoker grill.

Finding the Perfect Weber BBQ for You

With such a wide range of innovative and high-quality grills, deciding on a grill may not be easy. For more information and expert consultation, head to your nearest Home Heat & BBQ store and let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect Weber BBQ for your grilling style.

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