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Which Lopi Is Best for You?

Although Australian winters don’t get as frigid as they do in the west, keeping warm helps lift your mood during the cooler months and makes your home more inviting. This article will discuss the various heating options from Home & Heat BBQ’s Lopi range.

Lopi fireplace

Lopi is a renowned provider of indoor and outdoor heating solutions. The company has developed many reputable, efficient, durable heaters since its inception. So regardless of your budget, you will always be able to find a product to meet your needs.


All Lopi heaters have optimal efficiency – they warm …

Infusing Your Meats – Is It Worth It?

Growing up, you’ve likely tasted differently cooked meats. Some cooked as they are, and others infused with brines, dry rubs, pastes and marinades. Since everyone has their taste, the debate over which method produces tastier meats will seemingly never end.

Infusing meat
How to Infuse Your Meats
Although using a charcoal grill infuses a unique smoky flavour to your meats, some people go a step further to enhance the delectability of their barbeques.

Like standard grilling, infusing meats is an art that requires finesse and great detail to produce a desirable outcome. Here are common ways …

Charcoal Grill Models to Consider

Weber has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality and dependable charcoal grills. The company’s iconic Kettle series features a grill with a round dome and was first produced in the mid-century era. Although it has undergone several upgrades, it still boasts of Weber’s trademark charcoal taste that most people crave.

Charcoal Grill Models

Currently, Weber’s BBQ range has different styles and sizes to cater to the unique needs of every customer. Whether you like your meats grilled or smoked, there’s a product …

Tips for the Perfect Charcoal Barbeque

Most Australians like spending summer outdoors because of the country’s favourable climate. One of the most common pastime activities during the hot months is grilling different foods on your BBQ in your outdoor kitchen as you relax with family and friends.

Charcoal Barbeque

Despite the convenience of electric and gas heaters, people prefer charcoal grills because they cook delicious foods. If you want to prepare delectable meals, follow the steps below.
Use the Right Equipment
Before anything, ensure that your charcoal grill is in good working condition. The intended frequency of use and the amount of space …

Our Range of Charcoal BBQs

There’s more to cooking with barbeques than you would think. Novice grillers will enjoy their meal regardless of how it’s cooked, provided it tastes good. Intermediates can easily differentiate between rare and medium-rare steaks. Then, the experts can tell if their food has been prepared on charcoal, electric, or gas grills with just a single bite.

Charcoal BBQs

That said, it’s common knowledge that food prepared on a charcoal barbeque tastes best as it provides a delicious and distinctive smoky flavour. The only downside is that charcoal grills don’t offer the convenience you …

Wood Heating In-Built Vs Freestanding Solutions

Central heating makes your home warm and welcoming to friends and family. If wood is your fuel of choice, you should invest in the appropriate equipment. The two types of wood heating solutions ideal for Australian homes are in-built and freestanding heaters.

electric fireplace

Your choice of a heating system depends on several factors including your personal preferences and home design. Read on if you would like to know the benefits of in-built and freestanding wood heaters.

What is an in-built …

Pros of Electric Fireplaces

From keeping you warm during winter to adding class to your home, having a fireplace has numerous benefits. The most popular types are gas-powered, wood-fired, and electric fireplaces. 

electric fireplace

Recently, more homeowners are opting for electric fireplaces. Let’s discuss why this is an intelligent move by highlighting the benefits of purchasing such equipment.

Ease of Use

First, you don’t spend a lot of time preparing the wood – all you need to do is press a switch, while …

Take Your Picnic to The Next Level: Portable BBQ Tips and Recipe Ideas

Whether you’re one for parties on the beach, camping trips, or just entertaining at home, a portable BBQ is a must-have. It lets you entertain from anywhere you can imagine.

In the spotlight today are outdoor picnics. Here’s how you can use the portable BBQ to take your picnics to the next level.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories make it possible for you to grill a range of meals and serve your guests’ top-quality food. Here are …

Update Your Home with These Stunning Pieces

There is nothing as sweet as a cosy home, especially during the cold winter months. When upgrading your home heating, remember to install stylish yet functional features. If you need to get your house ready for the cold season, here are some fantastic pieces that will instantly transform your home.

Gas Fireplace
Image Source: archipro.co.nz

Regency GF900C Gas Fireplace
The Regency GF900C is the perfect way to add elegance and modernity to your home. This series has a beautiful design and produces eye-catching wide-angle flames that take after natural wood-lit fire. Combine these with …

5 Points To Consider Before You Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

Great barbecues and outdoor dining makes the summer heat more bearable. But moving up and down between the kitchen and outdoor dining area when you’re hosting is simply tiring and drains all the fun out.

outdoor heater
Image Source: www.robertdyas.co.uk

Building an outdoor kitchen can help improve your hosting experiences. Below are some of the key features to think about before you start your outdoor kitchen project.
1.      Location
Consider where to position your outdoor kitchen. If you place it far from your house, you’ll need to run the amenities like gas, water, and electricity over …

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