11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Entertaining in Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you’re grilling up delicious meals on the barbecue, do you ever find it cumbersome running back-and-forth between your indoor kitchen and outdoor grill? Inside you have lots of counterspace for prep work, a bin to discard scraps, storage space to hold equipment, and a sink to clean. But what if you could have these benefits of your kitchen space in your outdoor entertainment space?

Why We Love an Outdoor Kitchen:

It Offers an Interactive Cooking Experience

Guests love to sit by the grill at parties. You can spend more time interacting with them without needing to continually go inside.

For fun, try serving up appetizers (and eating them) while waiting for food to grill. You can also serve drinks from a mini-fridge, like wine, beer and soft drinks, while still remaining in the thick of the party outside.

Cooking outside offers the chance to cook in ways that generate more smoke than you may allow inside the house. Plus, you won’t have to deal with unpleasant smells lingering in your home.

It’s Attractive

Outdoor kitchens make for a gorgeous centrepiece, complete with a gleaming stainless steel gas BBQ, a granite benchtop, and perhaps a backsplash. This makes your outdoor space more inviting and brings a definite homey touch.

A Fantastic Addition

Perhaps you have a pool area in your yard, a lovely garden, or a dining space. The outdoor kitchen goes with these areas and adds a new element to make them more enjoyable.

Outdoor Kitchen Purchasing Options

An outdoor kitchen may sound luxurious, but you don’t need to have all the bells and whistles to get the advantages of cooking outside. Here are simple yet affordable options with the added benefit of portability:


The SustainaPod Series are outdoor kitchen units designed specifically to encapsulate a particular Weber gas BBQ for a perfect fit and superb usability. They are highly customizable with different sizes to fit where you need them to and various colours to suit your taste. Plus, you may add upgrades like a sink, a splashback, extra fridge space, additional pods, or extra drawer cabinets.

These weather-resistant ranges come preassembled for convenient installation. As extra bonuses, they’re environmentally sustainable and made in Australia.

Cabinet + Portable BBQ

Alternatively, you can place a portable barbecue, like the Weber Q or Weber Baby Q, on top of an Arbor Outdoor Cabinet: one simple pod can protect your tools from the outdoor weather and store your cooking accessories.

The Weber Q has a rightful place in your backyard entertainment space but can also accompany you on camping trips. Even with such portability, it boasts a large surface area for grilling. Or the mini Baby Q is even more compact for easier travelling but can still cook for about six guests at a time.

The Best of Both Worlds

Homeowners have lately been embracing the idea of an “outdoor living space.” That’s because they know it’s better for mental health to spend more time outside. With the kitchen as the heart of any home, adding kitchen elements to the outdoor living space makes it that much more appealing. Here’s to cooking up healthy, delicious meals in the fresh air and enjoying the spaciousness of outdoor living!

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