11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

The Advantages Our Regency Range

The Regency home heating range is a firm favourite among Australian builders, homeowners, and interior designers. Its key advantage is versatility. You can get a Regency to fit any and all your style preferences and functional needs. Regency offers both gas-powered and wood fuelled heaters, and you can order a free-standing or in-built unit.

Let’s start with in-built Regency heaters. They help you retain the traditional feel of a fireplace while giving your space a contemporary modern touch. If you’re looking for an Regency inbuilt wood heaters in Sydney, Home Heat & BBQ is the place to visit. We stock Regency models that can be built into your home and range from $2499 to $6999.

If you’d like a wood heater, choose from our four available models – Berwick, Bellerive, Montrose and Mansfield. They have a safety glass viewing panel so you can enjoy the dancing flames. The Mansfield works beautifully for room-dividers or central pillars because it’s double-sided with two viewing panes.

Regency fireplaces come with a zero clearance box so they can fit snugly into their enclosures. These fireboxes are made of 5mm steel and lined with firebrick for better insulation and improved heat distribution. The heaters offer efficiency guarantees of more than 60%, leading to less fuel wastage and smoke.

On its own, a Mansfield Regency wood heater can warm up a room of 100m2, and if you add a duct kit with fans, the heating range doubles to 200m2. At the other extreme is our tastefully petite Berwick. It was specifically designed for small spaces that can’t house conventional wood heaters. It has in-built fans and can warm up 180m2.

If you’d prefer to avoid the soot of wood heaters, check out our Regency inbuilt gas fireplaces. We stock nearly ten in-built models, and each one has faux logs to create that traditional fireplace ambience, without the hassle of loading wood and emptying ash. Prices range from $2,295 to $8,979. Our gas in-builts have electronic ignition and in-built fans.

Gas heaters have many advantages over wood-fired ones. You can adjust the heat levels by simply twisting a dial, and they’re a lot less messy. Their glass is ceramic, and if you’d like to create your fireplace, you can buy our zero clearance kit to fit your gas heater.

Some buyers prefer a free-standing heater, and Regency offers them in gas and wood-fuelled versions. Our Regency free-standing wood heaters have stylish, modern fireboxes made of 6mm steel and glass viewing panels. They have 15-year warranties, and you can add a cast iron furnace liner to improve heat conduction. They can burn throughout the night.

Our Regency free-standing gas fireplaces share the style and beauty of their wood-fuelled siblings, but you don’t have to worry about smoke, ash, and the time-consuming procedure of lighting a wood fire. The steel firebox is closed off by a ceramic glass door that has heat-proof nickel handles and hinges. Each furnace has realistic fake logs for that visual touch.

To find the right Regency Heater for you, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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