11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

The Right Gas Fireplace for You This Winter

Winter is coming, and though Season 8 may be far away, we need to get our houses ready for the chilliest time of the year. Since it’s going to be wet and soggy outside, you don’t want to go stomping for firewood. There are services that can deliver a firewood basket right to your door and stack it in your yard. Unfortunately, they won’t come back every night to light your fire or sweep out the soot and embers every morning.

So if whistling “chim-chim-cheree” isn’t your thing, you’re better off getting a gas fireplace. You can light it in minutes, it doesn’t need clean-up, and it often has a broader heating range than a wood-heater of the same size. Our gas heaters come in two styles: free-standing and in-built. Our main suppliers are Lopi and Regency.

In stock, we have two free-standing Regency models and nine in-built Regency heaters. Our free-standing units have steel fireboxes and ceramic glass doors. They run on natural gas, but you can buy a conversion kit separately. The conversion kit will allow your heater to use LPG gas. Your heater can have a 2 or 3-speed fan, depending on the unit you prefer.

As for Regency gas in-builts, fans are a standard feature which is great for large open living areas. Regency Gas Fireplaces use direct vent flue technology which eliminates gas fumes and is better for your breathing and health. They all have enhanced false, ceramic logs.

Lopi also offers free-standing and in-built models as well. The Lopi free-standing gas fireplace  can be flued vertically or horizontally, depending on your requirements. It’s a beautiful model, with downlight accents and a trademark split level Dancing Fyre feature.

This remote control gas heater has a homely cypress finish, and the faux media inside the fireplace can be pebbles, driftwood, or logs, with each one being equally realistic. This dual burner can heat a space of up to 180m2. Lopi offers more variety in its inbuilt range, with ten models to choose from, all priced over $4,000.

Lopi gas fireplace styles can be ‘linear’ or ‘clean-face’. You can place artificial pebbles, logs, or driftwood inside your fireplace, and the glass panels give you a clear view of Dancing Fyre dual burners. All Lopi fireplaces can be operated by remote control, and double-sided models are readily available.

Flues are not standard, so while they’re available at Home Heating & BBQ, you can buy them separately. You should also keep in mind that installation is billed separately, so give your budget some wiggle room when you’re window-shopping for a Lopi.

Lopi’s double-sided heaters have an interesting feature: the fire looks different from both viewing panels. So you essentially have two distinct fireplace designs in a single heater, and you can style each room accordingly. It’s a clever way to combine two different moods in one.

To warm your home with the right gas fireplace, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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