11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Some Fireplace Decor Styles to Seriously Consider

Installing a fireplace in your home is easier than ever, with a huge range of sizes, styles, and fuel options to meet the needs of your home and aesthetics. Here are our top fireplace décor styles to consider when you decide it’s time to add the warmth and glow of a fire to your home.

Fireplace Face and Surroundings

When selecting a fireplace unit, of course, you’ll want to consider the look of the face and how it will work with your existing décor. If you have a clean, minimalist aesthetic going on then you’ll want to choose something with clean lines like the Regency GF900L. This model offers the options to have a contemporary door frame and fascia in black or brushed stainless steel, a premium glass fascia in black, or a trim kit for an immaculate edge finish.

While thinking about your option for fireplace faces, you’ll also want to consider what will surround the fireplace. Will it sit directly in the wall or would you like the look of a hearth around the fireplace? Materials for a hearth can vary widely—from traditional bricks, river stones and slate or ceramic tiles are all options that can work depending on the look of your room.

Styling a Mantel

Fireplace mantels are a traditional fireplace feature, and while they are not a requirement of having a fireplace, they can add a great focal point to any room. If you do decide to install a mantel over your fireplace, consider hanging a mirror or an eye-catching piece of art in the centre to really cement the fireplace wall as the centre of attention in the room.

Another idea is to add lamps or sconces to the mantel to mirror the soft glow of light coming from the fire. The rest of the mantel can be occupied by vases, urns, figurines, or seasonal decorations depending on your style and preference. No matter which decorations you choose, be sure to keep them safe from the heat of your fireplace and select non-combustible materials whenever possible.

As a modern twist on a mantel, you may opt for some built in shelving above the fireplace to store books, games, and art pieces in a decorative yet functional manner. Just be sure to keep clutter to a minimum.

Doors and Screens

Once you’ve installed your new fireplace, consider adding a screen or a set of glass fireplace doors for a nice finishing touch that can further tie into your existing room décor. The right screen will soften the light of the fire and channel the heat out from your hearth, adding to the ambience of your fireplace. Keep in mind that not all doors will fit every fireplace, so check to make sure the models are compatible before buying.

Firebacks and Hearth Pads

Traditional cast-iron firebacks reflect heat out into the home and add a rustic touch to gas fireplaces especially. Nowadays they also come in stainless steel to fit in with a more modern aesthetic.

Hearth pads often come in stone like marble, lending the fireplace an elegant, finished look. A hearth rug is another, more traditional option for in front of the fireplace, and can add to the cosiness of the fire with a more rustic, inviting look.

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