12 Jan 2023 | BBQs

The 6 Best BBQ Accessories to Upgrade Your Summer Entertaining

Although kitchen tools don’t improve your cooking skills, they make it easier and safer to prepare meals. If you want to stop guessing when your meats are ready, or veggies are steamed, here are the must-have accessories for your Weber BBQ grill.


Wearing gloves seems obvious when handling hot objects like your grill plates, but many people tend to overlook it.

Heat-resistant gloves are an amazing addition. They make it safer to handle the grill, as they can withstand temperatures exceeding 900 degrees Fahrenheit. However, gloves don’t make you invulnerable – always check the maximum temperature rating that your pair can handle.



Tongs are useful for picking and turning foods on the grill. These accessories are available in different sizes and materials, including plastic and metal.

Plastic tongs are cheap, but their low melting points make them susceptible to high temperatures. Metal tongs are the better choice because of their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures. However, they can get hot because of their conductivity.

It’s vital to consider size when choosing tongs. Tiny tongs are difficult to grip, while large tongs aren’t easy to control. Also, ensure your choice has smooth edges to avoid damaging the food.



Grilling requires finesse and extreme mastery of temperature control. If you aren’t an experienced chef, you need the right equipment to measure temperature instead of guesswork.

As the name suggests, an instant-read thermometer gives a temperature reading a few seconds after insertion into the food. This way, you’ll never have to guesstimate when your beef or pork is ready.



Homemade pizzas are usually larger, crispier, and yummier than their fast-food equivalents. Moreover, you get a sense of satisfaction by cooking your food. To prepare one on your Weber BBQ, you only need a pizza stone. These stones can be as big as 18 inches wide, allowing you to make large, family-size pizzas. Even better, they can fit in your oven when you want to cook indoors.



Most people think a stainless-steel brush is enough to keep their grill grates clean. While these brushes remove most stuck meats, they also leave some bristles that can hurt your health over time.

It’s better to invest in a comprehensive cleaning set comprising a stainless-steel scraper, wire scrubber, and disposable wipes to keep your grill sparkling.



It isn’t easy to light charcoal. Chimney starters are a faster, safer, and more contained way of lighting up your coals without the flare ups and fumes of gas lighters.

Additionally, you don’t need to remove food from the grill and reignite the flame whenever you add charcoal. You can ignite the coals in the starter and add them through the grate when lit.



Tools are mandatory if you don’t want a hard time on your next grilling adventure. They won’t make you a better cook, but they reduce the risk of accidents and mistakes. Of course, a good Weber barbecue suited to your specific needs and desires is a great way to ensure impressive summer entertaining, too.

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