12 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Can You Cook Pizzas on a Weber? 6 Lesser-Known Grill Recipes for Summer

The idea of cooking a pizza on a grill is inconceivable to many self-taught chefs. Is it worth the trouble when you could use an oven? However, you will only know its benefits if you try it.


First, using a BBQ grill spares you the energy and time of preheating an oven to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), a prerequisite in many pizza recipes. Cooking outside allows you to enjoy the relaxing breeze.

Secondly, grills keep the heat outside where it belongs. Grills are more comparable to wood-fired ovens than modern indoor ovens. Remember, pizza inventors used wood-fired ovens to cook pizzas. Therefore, using a grill is a good, old-fashioned way of preparing this amazing dish.

Additionally, the grill’s smoke gives your pizza a unique flavour you can’t get from a conventional oven.

It’s also simple to cook pizza on the BBQ grill. The dough won’t stick or fall through the gaps, provided you heat the grill correctly. Instead, it will turn into a light brown crust with a soft inside.


Here are a few tricks for cooking pizzas on Weber BBQ Grills.

Bare Grill Grates

Many people believe it isn’t possible to cook pizza on bare grates, as the dough will fall through. This isn’t true. If the dough is thick enough and you heat the grill to the required level, you will cook crispy, light-brown pizzas.

Once the bottom side is cooked, flip the pizza over and cook the other side. Then, add cheese, sauce, and toppings. Ensure your toppings are ready before you bake the pizza, as it is best enjoyed when served hot.

Metal Grilling Pan

If cooking on the grates doesn’t appeal, use a metal grilling pan. Each pan type has a unique preparation method. For instance, aluminium pans intended for conventional ovens need a foil cover and non-stick spray application to protect the dough from sticking. If it’s a regular kitchen pan, scrub it clean before using it for cooking pizza.

It’s advisable to arrange your charcoal on the sides of the grill to avoid damaging the pan. Regardless, the pan will turn black over time.

The best option is a cast-iron pan; you must preheat and season it with olive oil before cooking. Cast-iron pans are more durable than conventional types, and their robustness makes them suitable for high temperatures on the BBQ grill.

Pizza Stones

Pizza stones are great if you don’t want to soil your regular pans or cook on bare grates. Remember, only specific stones can withstand direct heat and high temperatures.

Using a pizza stone requires some finesse. First, you need to heat it slowly. Place it on the grill with the lid off and leave it for 30 minutes. Once it gets slightly hot, close the top to get it heated. After 20 minutes, lift the lid and flick a few drops of water on it. If it doesn’t form a ball, it’s ready to cook.

Cheese can soil your pizza stone if it melts on it. To prevent this, sprinkle some cornflour before you start cooking. This trick also makes it easier to remove the pizza once it’s ready.


Despite their greatness, you can’t eat pizza for every meal! So here are some other lesser-known grill dishes to keep your guests entertained this summer.

Tomato Salsa

Throw one kilogram of multicoloured tomatoes (slightly ripe and overripe) and one head of garlic into the BBQ grill and set it to medium heat. Stir and cook for 10 minutes until the tomatoes start blackening and blistering.

Use a pair of tongs to transfer the food into a bowl and mash, removing some of the black skin. Squeeze the garlic to extract the interior contents and mix it with tomatoes. Season to taste and enjoy it with meat or veggies.

Grilled bread

Bread is arguably the most popular baked food. But do you know you can grill it? Grilling is the best way to use a loaf nearing its expiry date.

Slice the loaf, brush it with olive oil, and rub it with garlic cloves. Next, place the bread on the BBQ grill until it turns brown. This usually takes 7 to 10 minutes.

Then, season the browned loaf with salt and shaved parmesan. Top it off with gooey brie, and you’ll have a mouth-watering feast with friends.

BBQ artichoke

Despite their numerous health benefits, artichokes aren’t as popular as other vegetables. However, nutrition aside, these veggies taste wonderful when grilled.

Steam the artichokes for a few minutes before grilling. For the best result, slice the artichokes halfway and place them face down on the grill. Once they turn brown, scoop the heart and add it to pasta salad or enjoy with dipped herbs.

Grilled Bacon

Bacon is everyone’s favourite. When you eat it grilled, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

First, grilled bacon is exceptionally tasty. More importantly, it’s healthier since it cooks in its fat, producing less greasy meat.

Grilling bacon is easy. Set your grill to medium or high heat, depending on how crispy you want it. Then, cook for four to six minutes.

You can eat the bacon with your breakfast, add it to a salad, or insert it in your grilled hamburger.

Grilled Grapes

Grapes are naturally sweet and juicy when eaten fresh or frozen. However, you’re probably unaware they taste great when grilled, and it’s a simple recipe.

Take a bunch of grapes, brush them with olive oil, and put them on a hot grill. Cook for three to five minutes, turning every fifteen seconds. Serve the grilled grapes alongside grilled chicken, fruit salad, pork tenderloins, or thick-cut steak.


There’s no excuse for sticking to the traditional BBQ recipes this summer. You have several ideas to choose from, including appetisers, sides, main courses, and desserts. Set an objective of treating your friends and family to as many of these recipes as the season progresses.

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