11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Gas Heating Options for Open Plan Kitchen and Living Areas

Gas heaters are good value for money and also very efficient. Gas heaters can run on both natural gas and bottled LPG gas, but you need to ensure you choose the right model for the type of gas you have available, as a heater designed to work with LGP won’t work with natural gas and vice versa. Lopi Fireplaces direct their fumes outside through a chimney or flue which removes carbon monoxide and water vapour from the home.

Gas heaters should be professionally serviced every few years to ensure they are operating safely and effectively. NEVER use an outdoor gas heater in your home, they do not have the same emission standards as indoor gas heaters and, if left running for a few hours can give off a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide and other gases.

What to look for in a gas heater for your home

    • Remote Controls – these allow you to control the temperature settings and fan speeds.
    • Thermostats – make it easier to set a desired temperature
    • Timers – these help with saving energy with most able to be programmed to turn on or off in a 24-hour period
    • Electronic ignition – this is perfect because it means energy savings for you as it doesn’t have to have a pilot light running all the time.
    • LPG Conversion kit – this allows you to run the heater in areas that do not have natural gas.

When you are looking for a heater that will warm open plan kitchen and living rooms, the Lopi 4415ST HO GS2 Double sided linear gas fireplace is the perfect choice. This is the latest fireplace in the Lopi range and is a stunning double-sided fireplace with ceramic glass for increased radiant heat and dual blowers – these can be directed equally to both sides of the fireplace or adjusted to low on just one side of the heater.

This Lopi fireplace has a huge viewing area and with a heating capacity of up to 195sqm this fireplace is the perfect solution for heating large open plan areas, or connecting rooms, with the ability to control the heat individually on both sides, you can have a higher heat where it’s needed and a lesser heat on the other side.

Features include:

  • Six adjustable levels to control your lights, fan and flame
  • Green Smart 2 system
  • A heavy steel construction that includes a heavy-duty 10gauge welded glass frame
  • A Green Smart 2 remote control
  • Accent lights under the glass floor
  • Gorgeous crushed glass floor – with four colour options
  • Protective mesh safety screen over the glass
  • Twin 90 CFM blowers
  • Huge glass viewing area
  • Additional media options available
  • Heats up to a massive 195sqm – you can warm your whole home!

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