11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Charcoal VS Gas BBQ. Picking the Best One for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing a BBQ – gas or charcoal, everyone has their thoughts. It’s the same as a gas cooktop Vs electric; some people don’t care, while others will only ever use one.

It’s come time to choose a BBQ, don’t guess, read on as we share the pros and cons of both charcoal and gas BBQ’s, and don’t forget, even though it’s winter, you can still cook outside using a freestanding gas heater to keep you, and your guests or family nice and warm.

Charcoal BBQ

Some people will tell you that the best way to BBQ is to use charcoal as it gives you that excellent tender, juicy meats with a smoky flavour that a smoke box attached to a gas fireplace can’t provide you.

  • Charcoal BBQ’s can reach a higher temperature than gas grills do, BBQ’s must reach at least 316C to be able to give your meat that delicious seared look and taste, a kettle BBQ with charcoal can reach up to 371C. The way to achieve that amazing smoky flavour is to use a BBQ on a higher heat when drippings from your meat and veggies fall onto the coal; the heat turns those juices into a steam that is full of flavour that goes right back onto the meat.
  • Charcoal BBQ’s can be cheaper to run and will cost you around $35, depending on your model, while a gas BBQ can cost up to $186 + to run.
  • Charcoal BBQ’s do take longer to warm up and can take 15-20 mins to achieve heat – once the charcoal is a light, while a gas BBQ lights up straight away and can take about 10 minutes to reach the desired heat.
  • Fuel costs: A 9kilo bag of charcoal will last three grilling’s, while a regular LPG bottle can give you around 25 grills.
  • Cleaning up a charcoal BBQ is a little more complicated as it must be emptied and scrubbed, while a gas BBQ needs just a quick brush over of the grill.


While gas BBQ’s are great for temperature control and fast ignition, they do come with more of a price tag.

  • Adjusting the heat on a gas BBQ is as simple as turning the knob, this allows you to go from low heat to high heat without having to move coals around.
  • Gas BBQ’s start straight away thanks to a fast ignition system, just allow for the unit to pre-heat, and you’re ready to go, you don’t have to wait for coals to heat up.
  • Gas BBQ’s allow you to cook delicate foods like vegetables and fish without overpowering the meal with a smoke flavour, but, if you want to give all your food, a Smokey flavour simply add a smoke box.
  • A gas BBQ does require more of an initial *set up* – from getting it out of the box, to starting up, a charcoal BBQ is quicker and easier to assemble.

Whether you choose a gas or charcoal BBQ, you can also add a Lopi freestanding heater to your outdoor area for a better outdoor experience. The Lopi freestanding heater gives the appearance, look and feel of a wood fire and will keep you and your guests warm while you cook. There is nothing like the look and feel of a wood fire without all the mess and expense. The modern aesthetic of Lopi Gas Heaters Sydney can also enhance your home, from your living room to your entertainment area.

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