11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Why Everyone Needs a Portable BBQ

Many people in Australia have a genuine appreciation for a well-barbequed meal. The barbeque experience is not only enjoyed by meat lovers but also vegetarians and vegans alike. The fresh, authentic flavour of charred steaks and crisp vegetables is second to none.

Whether you are grilling tofu, pineapples or a beef steak, your equipment plays a significant role on the quality of your bbq experience. The type of barbeque grill you use affects the amount of effort you need to put into producing the perfect meal. This article highlights a few reasons why you should bank on a portable bbq.


If you have ever picked out the perfect spot for your bbq only to have the wind change and blow a sandstorm your way, you know the value of a portable grill. Also, portable BBQs can easily be moved if it gets too sunny or begins to pour. You don’t need to worry about where to stop for lunch on an outback road trip. Many portable BBQs can fit into the trunk of your car, and you can travel with one safely. A freshly grilled burger on the road beats packed sandwiches any day.


A well-designed portable bbq offers you several cooking options including baking, grilling, steaming to cooking a complete meal. Moreover, you can use it in place of a freestanding gas heater in the colder months. Besides, using an open fire to grill your meals can pose several risks and limitations that don’t exist with portable BBQs.


Many portable BBQs are compact and can focus the heat generated from your fuel source. Larger barbeques usually dissipate the heat over a wide area, and you can end up using only a fraction of your fuel. The wide distribution of heat also makes it difficult for you to control the temperatures.

In addition, if you are hosting a small party of three to five people, a portable bbq is the perfect grill for you. Its small size allows you to use a minimal amount of fuel to prepare a quick meal for your guests. You no longer have to wait for a huge occasion to fire up your grill. You can even use it to grill a burger or two for yourself.

Easy Cleaning

One of the least popular activities, when you own a barbeque grill, is cleaning it after a party. However, the compact portable BBQs simplify the task. For starters, you can carry your portable bbq to your bin or compost, to dump the waste oils and ash without soiling any other utensils.

Portable barbeques offer quick and easy setup options reaching their optimal heat much faster than the larger conventional grills. Moreover, controlling your flame and protecting it from side winds is considerably easier. While the larger BBQs also have a wide range of advantages, you cannot ignore the versatility and efficiency of portable BBQs.

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