12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Heating Options for Large Living Areas

As we roll into the coldest months, you’re probably looking at your home heating situation. Contemporary home designs usually allow you to use a single heating system for the entire house. You can connect your fireplace flues to air conditioning vents and use it to distribute heat from the central fireplace throughout the house. In terms of selection, freestanding gas heaters are generally better for large spaces, because they’re multi-directional.

Your other option is to buy an inbuilt gas fireplace specifically designed for bigger spaces, such as the Regency GF900L. Visually, it’s a beautifully linear furnace that fits flush against the wall. Its viewing panel has a landscape layout and is accessorised with driftwood logs and glowing ceramic embers that endow immense realism to this gas fireplace.

The fireplace has a vent sealed within the room to control emissions, but you can buy an optional kit of vertical and horizontal flues that can pass on heat to other parts of the home. Inside the firebox, the roof and sides are made from reflective black enamel, heightening the reflection of the flames as well as the heat levels. The 3-speed fan also aids heat distribution.


Two-sided fireplaces are an aesthetically pleasing way to warm up large areas. If you have connecting rooms, you can install a double-sided in-built. Actually, a good contractor can even erect a pillar or dividing wall as a firebox for your Lopi 4415ST. The flames are encased in ceramic glass that radiates heat to both sides of the wall, extending nearly 200m2.

The furnace frame is made of heavy stainless steel welded onto glass, which is protected by safety mesh. It uses Greensmart 2 technology and can be operated by remote. Its twin blowers can be adjusted to six settings, and they help to push heat further. The floor of the fireplace contains crushed glass, available in four colours.

Accent lights beneath the glass can be used to create beautiful sparkles and rainbow light shows. Add-on features include vertical and horizontal flue kits to push heat even further and alternative burning media options. You could combine your crushed coloured glass with driftwood, tumbled stone, logs, or a mix of stone + twigs.


If you opt to go the freestanding way, the Blaze FS800LE is an Aussie-made freestanding furnace that can heat up 260m2 of space. It uses a convection system and a three-speed fan to spread heat. Its firebrick firebox – welded with 5mm and 6mm steel plus 25mm firebricks – raises temperatures and ensures a more thorough burn. This results in efficiency levels of 67% and minimal emissions of 0.88g/kg.

The casing of the fireplace is made from metallic black stainless steel, and it’s fronted by the ceramic glass with a cool handle and a spring mechanism. It comes accompanied with free gloves and tools, and you can purchase an additional 3.6m of flue piping if you want to use your wood heater to warm other rooms. There’s also a removable baffle on top.

For a wide array of heating options for your larger rooms, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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