12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Safety Tips for Operating Your Gas Heater

All gas heaters should be installed by a professional and looked after according to your Regency Inbuilt gas fireplace manual. A heater that hasn’t been installed properly or has not been well maintained can cause a house fire or send dangerous toxins such as carbon monoxide into your home. Servicing your gas heater regularly and using it to the manufacturers specifications will ensure it operates economically and safely.

You should have your Regency gas fireplace serviced every two years, and, it is best to have the service carried out BEFORE winter, so it is ready for the cold winter months. Some manufacturers suggest servicing every year so check your operating instructions.

Depending on the type of gas fireplace you have, there are a few things you can do to maintain your heater in between servicing.

  • Fan cleaning – this should be done once a year to ensure smooth operation
  • Have a look for any accessible filters and clean them if necessary

Again – check your user’s manual for instructions, or to find what maintenance you can do yourself.

Signs of trouble may include (depending on your gas fireplace)

  • The walls next to the heater are becoming too hot to touch comfortably
  • There are signs of staining on the heater panels or walls due to intense heat
  • The heater flame is sooty, smoky or yellowish
  • Pilot light goes out, or, is noisy when lighting

Tips for using your heater

  • Allow fresh air into the room
  • If you have children, use a barrier to keep them away from the heater
  • Don’t dry clothes by putting them on or over the heater
  • Always use heaters for the purpose they were built for and always follow your manufacturer’s instructions

Always use the right size heater for the room or area you want to heat up, this way you only use the amount of gas needed to heat the area. Keep the room ventilated, this is to remove fumes and keep a source of fresh air coming in, it will also help stop any condensation forming from the small amounts of water vapour the heater is producing.

Remember that dirt, dust, lint and even hair can clog up your gas heater, which may prevent it from working efficiently and has the potential to make it unsafe. You should always keep your fireplace clean, and ensure it is regularly serviced, take a look at your manufacturers manual to see what you can and can’t clean and let a professional service what you can’t.

Always read the operating manual BEFORE you light your Regency gas fireplace for the first time and check that it has been certified by the Australian Gas Association before first use.

Discolouration or stains on the wall could indicate a blocked flue, turn the heater off and call a professional gas fitter to inspect for any blockages or holes, they will also check that the flue cowl hasn’t collapsed into the flue outlet obstructing it.

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