12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Can Your Heater Be A Feature Piece?

Barbecue season is basically at an end except for the odd warm day here and there. And with the end of the warmer season, the cold winter months lie ahead. If you’ve been looking for a sign to get a new heater, then this is it. And if you’ve been wondering if your heater can be a feature piece, it certainly can. A feature piece can be anything from a beautiful couch to a large statue. It all comes down to personal taste and preference. With winter looming a heater can be the perfect feature piece in your living room

Planning the design of your area around the feature piece is the first step. Deciding where to place your heater is very important if you want it to make an impact on your family and guests. It can give you an inviting feel with a touch of sophistication

Home Heat & BBQ have a stunning selection of wood-burning heaters that will be the perfect feature piece in anyone’s home. Here are a few of options available:

  1. Axis H1200 3V Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

This three-sided wood fireplace is stunning to look at whether it is lit or not. The contemporary design gives you a 3-angle view of the fireplace so, no matter where you or your guest are sitting you can all enjoy the exceptional sight.

  1. Bordelet Lea 998 Suspended Wood Fireplace

A 360-degree view wood burning fireplace that will look stunning anywhere. It’s suspended in the middle of your living room. Handmade in the South of France, this heater is definitely an eye-catcher.

  1. Seguin Europa 7 Lift Cast Iron Cheminee Fireplace

Not only can it be installed as a built-in, but it can be used as a freestanding fireplace too. It is sleek and classic with its cast-iron case. Contemporary meets classic in this breathtaking feature piece.

  1. Lopi Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fyre

If you are strapped for space, then the Lopi Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fyre is the answer. It can easily be installed into most existing chimneys. So, if your fireplace is feeling dated and not of the century, then this heater is definitely an option to consider to make the room stand out.

  1. Regency Berwick Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

The perfect size for a medium-sized area. Contemporary in style and not in your face, this fireplace will be an incredible feature piece with a humble touch of sophistication.


No matter what your taste Home Heat & BBQ has these incredible designs and many more options available for you to choose from. So, once you’ve put away your BBQ tongs, it might be time to find the perfect feature piece for your home this winter.

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