12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

How to Keep Warm on a Budget This Winter

During winter, most homeowners in Australia have to dig deeper into their pockets to fund heating expenses. Regardless of whether you use an electric, wood-powered or a gas heater, you need to fuel it to avoid the consequences of the cold temperatures experienced throughout this season.

However, you don’t always have to pay big money to keep yourself warm during winter. Below are smart ways of reducing the heating expenses this cold season.

Purchase a Heater

These can be wood heaters or gas heaters; whatever works for you.  Heaters are an affordable and effective means of generating heat. Ideally, these devices should be installed in the rooms where you intend to spend most of your time. Ensure that they are out of reach because they can burn children and pets.

Wear Heavy Clothing

Keeping warm start with your choice of outfit. Make sure that you put on a sweater, socks, gloves and any other clothing that can keep cold conditions at bay. If you wish to generate more warmth, consider putting the garment in a drier before wearing them.

Cover your Floors

Some flooring materials, such as tiles and laminate, absorb heat and can get extremely cold during winter. If your room has such a floor, it is advisable to invest in area rugs. These rugs will serve as an insulator that retains heat and keeps you warm in cold weather.

Install Room Darkeners

Room darkeners are primarily used to induce sleep, but their unique properties mean that they can insulate rooms during the cold season. Besides installing these curtains, you can add tint to your windows to assist with heat proofing.


While it is almost impossible to run outdoors in winter months, you can keep warm by engaging in indoor workouts. Some of the indoor activity include running on treadmill, bodyweight exercises, jumping rope, and so forth. In addition to generating extra heat, exercising is also critical in improving your overall wellbeing.

Take a Hot Bath

If the cold weather is taking a toll on you, you can warm up by taking a hot bath. Another advantage of a hot bath is that it moistens your skin. After bathing, leave the water as it as and let the hot vapour warm your room.

Cook at home

The heat generated while you cook keeps your home warm. This particularly applies to slow-cooking recipes that heat up your space for extended periods. Cooking at home also saves you money.

Clean the House

Cleaning the house is an intense physical activity that involves lots of movement. In the winter months, regularly clean your home and keep yourself warm in the process. Doing it yourself also ensures that you minimize your expenses.

Save Old Newspapers

If you are throwing away old newspapers, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to cut down your expenses this winter.  Old newspapers can be easily moulded into logs that can power up wood fireplaces Sydney. Moulding newspaper logs is a quick and easy process that you can learn with a few Youtube clicks. It saves you the money that would have otherwise been spent on purchasing firewood for your Regency wood heater.


As seen above, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on heating during the winter months. In addition to the tricks mentioned above, make sure that you turn off any device that isn’t in use.

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