11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Get your BBQ summer ready with these accessories

Having a good home BBQ will make you the star of the neighbourhood. To make your outdoor cooking experience more fun and effective, enrich it with barbequing accessories! They range from BBQ add-ons to shiny barbequing toys. Of course, you can start with the basics – an apron to keep your clothes clean, and mitts or gloves to keep your hands from burning. And because we’re known as the Weber Store, we stock all three – in black, and decorated with the trademark red Weber icon.

Home Heat & BBQ is glad to dress you and your BBQ for every occasion. We have add-ons, plug-ins, and replacement parts. For starters, many Webers come with cookbooks as part of the package, but since you probably have one BBQ (or maybe two), you won’t have all the titles in their BBQ-ing series. That’s where we come in. You can buy Weber cookbooks separately – we have three of them: the Weber Kettle Cookbook, the Weber BBQ Bible, and the Weber Q Cookbook. They all have customised Aussie recipes for your cooking pleasure. Try smoked meat recipes using our branded charcoal or Firespice line of smoking wood.

BBQ-ing tools

A chef is nothing without his/her tools, and Weber BBQ has designed special utensils to optimise your Weber bbq-ing experience. We have basting brushes, tongs, spatulas, and forks in stainless steel with insulated handles. For those speciality meat-ing situations, you can buy hinged grills and rotisseries. Some Weber Kettles have Rapid Fire V grates for laying charcoal, but if you want to use it on a different Weber model (or if you’ve lost yours), we can sell it to you as a standalone piece. Other wire tray pieces include gourmet grills, roast/rib holders, kabob sets, and a wide range of solid grilling trays, both with and without perforation.

Of course, not all cooking accessories are utensils. You might need a meat thermometer to monitor cooking temperatures. If your Weber doesn’t have one built it, you can purchase a digital thermometer or meat probe. We have them available in three styles, including instant-read and Bluetooth-enabled. They all work with iGrill, so you can sync them to the Weber app on your phone and view their results on your phone screen. #HiTechBBQ


It isn’t just your outdoor kitchen that could use some sprucing up. Weber has a range of heat-proof casserole dishes, pizza pans, and wooden spoons that are safe for your non-stick kitchen needs. And on the hygiene front, many Webers (like the Kettle) have easy-cleaning systems. These come in the form of drip trays and ash catchers. Still, for the occasions where your BBQ needs more than a scattering of ashes, you can buy a grill brush and Weber cleaning fluid or metal protectant in a convenient spray bottle. Then, to keep the BBQ dry and dust-free, get a customised dust cover to match your Weber model.

For a wide selection of  BBQ accessories, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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