11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Let’s talk portable BBQs

Aussies are lucky. We have glorious sunshine all year round (well in most parts of the country) so we’re not too worried about leaving our barbies outdoors. But, just in case we have neighbours (or passers-by) with sticky fingers, it might be worth dragging it indoors. In a way, almost all BBQs are portable, because they’re equipped with castors for easy movement. But outdoor kitchens sets can be bulky, so just because you can yank them around doesn’t mean you want to. A truly portable BBQ is lightweight, ideally with foldable and/or removable parts.

While this portability will largely be used to carry it from the store to the yard and back, you want the option to take it camping or picnicking. It would also be helpful if its fuel source were portable. You don’t want to carry an entire stack of logs in the back of your ute. This means your mobile BBQ should preferably run on charcoal briquettes or electricity if your venue has power outlets. Weber has good options for both, and because we are known as ‘The Weber Store’, Home Heat and BBQ stocks a wide selection for your grilling pleasure.


Weber Kettles are one of the most popular portable charcoal bbq ranges. Their trademark dome design makes them easily identifiable. The Kettle comes in two sizes – original and compact. Both models are mounted on weather-proof wheels and have ash-catchers for easy cleaning. Just move the dial, remove the ashtray, pour the ashes out, and put the tray back. Kettles have a 10-year guarantee and thermometers built in for easy grilling.

The nylon handles are reinforced with insulating glass, so you don’t burn yourself while cooking (or carrying). The grilling hinge has chrome plating and is rust-resistant. The smaller Kettle is only guaranteed for five years but has many of the features shared by its larger sibling. The Compact Kettle has a drip pan made from aluminium. It catches juices from the food while it cooks, making clean-up much more manageable. Both Webers have a cookbook included so that you can get started on your grilling repertoire.

Put a Q on it

For grillers that aren’t sold on the Kettle, the Weber Q series may be a more attractive option. There are three sizes – Weber Q, Weber Family, and Weber Baby Q BBQ. All three units can fit on a table-top, though you can buy them with a trolley, side tables, and wheels to assist with portability. They have a dome-shape that partially reflects the Kettle’s rich history, but the dome is more flattened, and Weber Q’s are powered by gas bottles rather than the charcoal that fires up their Kettle cousin.

Weber Q’s have electronic ignition systems, and you can carry a small gas bottle when you want to take the BBQ on the road. Their bodies are made from cast aluminium and their cooktops are made from porcelain enamel. Their burners are stainless steel. On the other hand, if you prefer portability without wheels, invest in the Weber Go-anywhere, Jumbo Joe, or Smokey Joe. The former has foldable legs, all three have lightweight construction, and all three are charcoal-burning BBQs.

For the ultimate selection of portable BBQs, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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