11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Start summer with a new Weber BBQ

Summer in Australia – there is really nothing better than some backyard cricket or lounging by the pool, enjoying time with the family while a yummy BBQ lunch or dinner is cooking on your new Weber gas BBQ. The smells of food cooking to perfection, while enjoying the fresh air, there really is nothing better. Spending time with family and friends around a backyard BBQ – it’s an Aussie tradition!

If you are the type of person who enjoys being outside cooking a range of delicious foods, then the Weber range of BBQ’s will suit you perfectly.

Charcoal BBQ’s

A lot of people today see a BBQ as a gas flame BBQ and give very little thought to charcoal BBQ’s. Charcoal BBQ’s are extremely common because not only do they get the job done and cook your food perfectly they are also very affordable. Charcoal BBQ’s are great for anyone with a small backyard, or for those living with just a small balcony as there is no gas bottle taking up extra room. Weber Charcoal BBQ’s give your food flavour and being transportable they are great for camping holidays or for just entertaining friends and family in your backyard. If you are looking for that perfect and original BBQ taste, these new high-tech Weber Kettle style BBQ’s are what you are looking for. With its distinctive round dome lid Weber BBQ’s have been a part of Australian backyards since 1952, changing and upgrading all the time, the newest range of Kettle charcoal BBQ’s is second to none.

Gas BBQ’s

If you do a lot of entertaining, or you have a larger family then a Weber gas BBQ  is probably a better option for you. Gas grills heat up quickly, clean up just as fast and are so easy to operate. You also will find a better and more even cooking experience as they reach higher temperatures and with temperature control knobs, you can regulate the heat more precisely. This allows you to create different heat zones – for searing, cooking or warming foods on the grill.

The newest range of Weber gas BBQ’s and accessories allow you to cook foods that will have a mouth-watering flavour your whole family will love, in fact, you’ll probably be barbequing dinner throughout spring and summer at your family’s request. You’ll be amazed by what you can do, can cook on the newest range of gas BBQ’s.

No matter what your needs are, Weber has a range of BBQ’s available today to suit your needs, wants and lifestyle. If you haven’t got a Weber in your backyard yet, why not? It’s a must-have!

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