12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

5 Points To Consider Before You Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

Great barbecues and outdoor dining makes the summer heat more bearable. But moving up and down between the kitchen and outdoor dining area when you’re hosting is simply tiring and drains all the fun out.

Building an outdoor kitchen can help improve your hosting experiences. Below are some of the key features to think about before you start your outdoor kitchen project.

1.      LOCATION

Consider where to position your outdoor kitchen. If you place it far from your house, you’ll need to run the amenities like gas, water, and electricity over a longer distance which can be more expensive.


Plus, if it’s far away from the house, you will need to make sure the outdoor kitchen has all the equipment you need. This will help avoid shuffling equipment and supplies between the two kitchens.


One idea is to build the outdoor kitchen next to your back door, so it can be near enough to your indoor kitchen to share equipment and supplies without having to walk a long distance.


The outdoor kitchen is constantly exposed to the elements— that’s why it’s important to invest in high-quality weather-hardy materials that can withstand the outdoors. For example, durable plastics and stainless steel for all your essential equipment.


You can consider other weatherproof materials, such as granite, stained concrete or stone for the countertops, and other features. Choosing durable materials ensures that your kitchen can last the long haul.


Another important consideration is what you are going to use the kitchen for. If you intend to use it as an escape from the indoor heat just for your family, you may not need to have a huge space or lots of equipment.


On the other hand, if you plan to do a lot of entertaining, you’ll need to consider making it roomier and including larger equipment that can cater to many people. For instance, you will need sufficient counter space or a large sink for entertaining.


You may also want to get more permanent fixtures like a fridge if you plan on hosting often over the long term.

4.      AMBIENCE

How the outdoor kitchen looks is an integral part of the overall look and feel of your home. You need to consider the ambience and design. This includes the colours, layouts, and lighting. Try to choose colours that complement the overall feel of your house.


It’s essential to focus on the lighting. Combining different lights can improve the overall look. For example, hanging downlights on the wall combined with more targeted lighting under work surfaces can bring it all together. If you plan to entertain a lot at night, consider adding pathway lights to make it safer.


Your outdoor kitchen won’t serve you only on the blistering summer days. You need to consider adding features to make it more comfortable all year through.


Add some vital cooling features like fans and air conditioning to keep it cool during the summer heat. For the colder weather, think about heaters or a fireplace. You’ll also need to choose the overhead protection that best suits your climate.


To sum up

Building an outdoor kitchen space is a fabulous idea, whether you choose to entertain or enjoy the great outdoors with your family. Head on over to Home Heat and BBQ for all your durable outdoor kitchen supplies.

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