12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Update Your Home with These Stunning Pieces

There is nothing as sweet as a cosy home, especially during the cold winter months. When upgrading your home heating, remember to install stylish yet functional features. If you need to get your house ready for the cold season, here are some fantastic pieces that will instantly transform your home.


The Regency GF900C is the perfect way to add elegance and modernity to your home. This series has a beautiful design and produces eye-catching wide-angle flames that take after natural wood-lit fire. Combine these with the eco-friendliness of natural gas, and you have the perfect fireplace.

Like other modern gas fireplaces, it has an electric ignition, a fan with variable speeds, and remote control for convenient operation. If you have some extra cash to spare, you can also buy the optional framing kit.


Are you the type that loves inbuilt fireplaces? Look no further! The standout quality of this piece is a see-through glass that allows you to view the flames from either side. Moreover, its log set has an artistic design.

Optional features include a premium black glass fascia, stainless steel inner doors, and an LPG/ULPG conversion kit.

LOPI 864CF 40K GS2

The Lopi 864CF is ideal for people who live in extremely cold regions, as it offers an unrivalled high-heat output. Minimalists will also love this model because it doesn’t have any fascia, grills, or trim.

Additionally, it has a ceramic glass coating to increase the amount of radiant heat produced. With comfort control and extra overhead accent lighting, anyone will fall in love with this piece. If the temperatures are too high, simply turn it down by up to 64%. This feature alone makes it a versatile product in regards to space size.


Only a few of the gas fireplaces available in the market offer the level of adjustability provided by the Lopi 564HO GS2. You can choose among three-burner options, the contemporary Diamond-Fyre, the Dancing-Fyre, and the premium Diamond-Fyre. It can heat up large spaces, with the maximum effective range being 158 square metres.

Accent lighting comes as a standard feature. This product also comes with an intelligent remote control that lets you switch to your preferred burner system.


Linear gas fireplaces are invaluable to homeowners who want to warm up large rooms. The 6015 has a flame spanning 1.5 meters, ensuring that every corner of your living area remains warm. Because of its sheer size, it can also act as the focal point of any space. For a subtler heating experience, you can turn down the heat by up to 50%.

Thanks to technological advancements, fireplaces are no longer solely used for heating. Modern units come in various styles and sizes, meaning that you can use them to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and showcase your unique style. A home with a stylish fireplace is likely to sell at a higher value than one without.

At-Home Heat & BBQ, we offer variety to fit different styles. Contact us on 02 9838 1300 to get a quote. Our professionals will work with you to help transform your home and make it warm and comfortable during the cold winter season.

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