23 May 2024 | BBQs

Smart Outdoor Living: The Role of Technology in Modern Outdoor Kitchens

Smart Outdoor Living The Role of Technology in Modern Outdoor Kitchens

As temperatures are still dropping, you might not think about the next outdoor cooking season, having just put your Weber kettle grill away for the winter. However, this might be exactly the right time to picture and plan how you want to surprise and entertain your guests next summer season. In recent years, modern outdoor kitchens have started to surface in residential alfresco areas, and more and more homeowners have begun to contact Home Heat and BBQ to help create their dream outdoor space.

We design and install custom modern outdoor kitchens that perfectly fit any outside space. But before we start planning, let’s take a look closer at smart technology features that are now playing a more prominent role than ever.

Smart Entertainment

The latest trend in modern outdoor kitchens is integrating smart technology. These new features in custom modern outside kitchens allow hosts to connect their appliances with the smart home ecosystem, whether it be Alexa or Google Home. With a simple voice command, hosts can easily control sound systems to create a pleasant ambience for a romantic night or a fun evening with friends without leaving their seats.

Smart Lighting

Beyond entertainment, proper lighting is key to hosting epic get-togethers in a modern outdoor space. Smart lighting allows a variety of elements to work together to create different moods. It could be permanent lighting along footpaths, pendants over prep and cooking areas, or accent lights highlighting landscaping or pool areas. Smart lighting can set the ambience for a safe and welcoming space.

The latest trend in modern outdoor kitchens is adjustable colour-changing LED lights with smart controls. These lights let users switch colour schemes or brightness to easily transition from a relaxed daytime hangout to a livelier soiree.

Smart Appliances

The invention of smart refrigerators is truly a game changer. They can keep track of beverage inventory and send real-time notifications through an app when drinks are running low. This amazing feature makes cold refreshments always available, keeping everyone happy and satisfied.

Other common add-ons in custom modern outdoor kitchens include smart storage cabinets, ice makers, and outdoor heaters. These enable homeowners to focus on hosting and entertaining by minimising the need to pay constant attention while preparing, cooking, and serving meals.

Smart Safety

There is also the opportunity to incorporate safety sensors into the custom kitchen design. These sensors detect potential smoke or fire hazards and are especially valuable when cooking with heat sources like grills or fire pits. The sensors can be easily installed into modern outdoor kitchens and connected to automatically shut off gas lines or electrical systems if danger is detected.

Start Planning Now

Modern outdoor kitchens from Home Heat and BBQ maximise both form and function. With smart technology features, your new outdoor living space will become the absolute neighbourhood hub.

Get a head start by planning your ideal setup now, and contact Home Heat and BBQ at 02 9838 1300 to turn it into reality when warm weather returns!

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