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Stylish Inbuilt Heating Models for Modern Homes

Stylish Inbuilt Heating Models for Modern Homes

As the outdoor temperatures begin to dip and the chill of winter settles in, the importance of finding effective ways to keep your home warm becomes increasingly apparent. In response to this seasonal shift, in-built heating solutions have gained significant traction and have been praised for their seamless blend of functionality and tasteful design.

In this article, we’ll navigate through the in-built heating options suitable for Australian homes and lifestyles.

1. Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are the modern-day firesides where families gather for warmth. They allow you to combine the convenience and cleanliness of gas with the unique appeal of wood heaters. You can tailor their sleek designs to fit any interior aesthetic, from the ultra-modern to the comfortably traditional.

Additionally, there are fireplace inserts such as the Lopi Answer 2020 Inbuilt. These are new and modern built-in fireplaces that fit into the space of an old fireplace, thus making it easy to switch from one type to the other. Another benefit to these inserts is that you enjoy the same warmth without losing heat through the chimney.

With its various gas reserves in Australia, a built-in gas fireplace is a sensible and convenient choice. These units, like the Escea DF700, can be vented or vent-free, offering flexibility for installation without the need for a traditional chimney. You enjoy the instant heat and ambience without the maintenance required of wood-burning counterparts.

2. Electric Fireplaces

These heaters have become popular as they are easy to install and maintain. Moreover, they have a flame effect that looks and feels like a traditional fireplace. These electric fireplaces are very useful for people living in apartments or houses without gas connections because you can put them in any place with little maintenance needed, making it an easy yet fashionable way to heat your home.

Some electric fireplaces also have novelty features that can add to and even elevate your home’s overall décor theme. For example, the Holbury Suite 1600 has different fuel bed colours, allowing you to change the display colouring based on your preference.

3. Wood-Burning Heaters

In our times, we have many different ways to heat our homes. Yet, there is something special about the classic charm of a wood-burning fireplace. If your house can hold a built-in wood fireplace, you will enjoy the comforting sound and cosy warmth it brings. New improvements in fireplace technology have made wood fireplaces more effective and less dirty, making this old-fashioned option better for the environment than before.

As a bonus, you don’t have to compromise style for function. New wood-burning fireplace designs are as varied as individual preferences and home decorating styles. This range offers unique features. For example, the Axis H1600 Double-Sided inbuilt wood fireplace allows you to heat more than one room simultaneously.


When selecting a built-in fireplace, you must consider aesthetics and how the unit will fit within the desired space and function.
Warm up your home with style and functionality! Explore our range of built-in fireplaces at Home Heat BBQ. Whether you prefer the modern allure of gas fireplaces, the clean sophistication of ethanol heaters, or the timeless charm of wood-burning options, we have the perfect choice for you. Visit our website today and elevate your home’s ambience!

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