11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Top Reasons You Should Use a Charcoal BBQ

Barbecuing is the ideal method of enjoying a steak for most Aussies. Also, with the great weather almost all year round, having an efficient barbecue can make weekends more exciting.

Choosing the best barbecue grill can be a bit complicated. Sure, a gas bbq is more convenient, there’s just nothing like the taste that you can get with a charcoal bbq grill.

Delicious steak is not the only reason to invest in charcoal grills. Read on and discover other reasons why charcoal barbequing is so appealing.

Supreme Smokey Taste

That tender, smokey taste that you get with a charcoal barbecue just can’t be accomplished with other types of grills. As the steak heats up on the grill, it releases juices that fall into the hot charcoal and instantly combusts.

Those juices contain fats, oils, proteins and sugar that then vaporize before rising back into the steak. That is how charcoal grilling gives you that outstandingly rich flavour profile.

Better Control

If you find that your steak is cooking a lot faster, you can quickly move it to over to a cooler part of the charcoal bbq. That way, the streak can still rest on the grill as it continues absorbing those rich, smokey flavours.

Having various hot and cool points in your bbq also means you can conveniently cook several types of food on one charcoal bbq grill. You can sauté your vegetables on one side while roasting your meat on the other side.

Portability and value

Fold your portable charcoal bbq down, and you’re ready to transport it in your car conveniently. These compact units are great to have when you want to go and enjoy your steak outdoors like for beach days or camping trips.

Meanwhile, you can also find high quality charcoal bbq at a lower cost compared to other grills. That cost-benefit includes minimal maintenance and need for regular replacement because of rust.

Fast Ignition and Burning Hotter

Getting your charcoal bbq grill going is pretty straightforward. Just use some old newspaper and create a simple charcoal chimney to get the coals fired up.

Once the fire starts going, charcoal barbeques will even burn much hotter compared to their counterparts. It is that high heat that will give you that fantastic crispy outer layer but with tender insides.  You achieve that high heat by adjusting air vents and adding more charcoal.

As you gain more experience with your charcoal grill, you’ll soon learn ways of using the hot flames to your advantage. That way, you’ll be preparing perfectly cooked meat every time. With a Weber bbq, you can cook the steak slowly by regulating the heat to allow it to soak up all that tasty smoke flavour while keeping the moist flavours locked inside.

The affordability and general simplicity of a charcoal grill is invaluable.  It is also perfect for beginners and can be a manageable entry point to grilling. Get your charcoal bbq grill today and experiences these benefits shown above.

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