12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Wood Heating In-Built Vs Freestanding Solutions

Central heating makes your home warm and welcoming to friends and family. If wood is your fuel of choice, you should invest in the appropriate equipment. The two types of wood heating solutions ideal for Australian homes are in-built and freestanding heaters.

Your choice of a heating system depends on several factors including your personal preferences and home design. Read on if you would like to know the benefits of in-built and freestanding wood heaters.


An in-built wood heater is a fireplace that is cut into the wall of your room like traditional fireplaces. Such fireplaces are iconic features in the home and can warm your room evenly. Below are a few benefits of using in-built wood fireplaces to heat your home.

i.                    Save Space

Square footage in major cities such as Sydney is costly. In-built fireplaces do not take up any space in the room. They can be built into your existing walls or pillars. Professional wood heater suppliers can provide several non-intrusive ways to install your fireplace and its chimney.

ii.                  Blends in with many décor themes

In-built fireplaces are versatile features that can fit in with any home design. Our range of wood heaters can match any theme from traditional rustic to modern minimalist designs. A wood-burning fireplace adds to the aesthetics of your home. A well-designed fireplace can draw the attention of your guest while providing a warm space to socialize.

iii.                Safe for family use

In-built fireplaces are among the safest wood heaters available. It is easy to watch your kids and direct them away from the fireplace. Also, modern fireplaces have protective glass doors to keep valuables safe from fire. Our in-built wood heaters are designed to contain the flames within the fireplace for extra safety.


A freestanding wood heater has a similar design to a portable barbeque. Freestanding wood heaters have four sturdy legs to hold them up. They also have chimneys for directing gases out of your home. Freestanding wood heaters have been warming Australian homes for centuries. Below are some benefits of the freestanding wood heaters available today.

i.                    Easy to install

Freestanding wood heaters are easy to install as they don’t need extensive construction work. The installation team only needs to construct an exit channel for your chimney. These heaters are available in various designs that can complement your home décor. Many buyers use our freestanding heaters as an iconic centrepiece in their living rooms.

ii.                  Quick heat distribution

Air flows freely under and around the body and chimney of freestanding heaters. This airflow carries the heat all around the room. The ease of heat distribution makes freestanding heaters ideal for large rooms.

iii.                Modern safety features

Modern freestanding heaters have unique safety features such as insulated housing. This type of insulation prevents the heater from burning you when you touch the outer body. Freestanding wood heaters have legs that allow a clearance of two to six inches from the ground. This clearance increases ventilation and protects your floor from the heat generated in the wood burner.

To sum up, wood burners are ideal for heating your home for many reasons. They are cost-effective and are about five times more energy-efficient than open fires. As a carbon-neutral fuel, wood is an environmentally friendly heating solution. Modern wood heating solutions are stylish and can add character to your home. Wood heaters are ideal down under where you have access to sustainable firewood.

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