11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

The benefits delivered by a portable BBQ

If you are looking for a BBQ that is affordable, convenient and delivers high-quality food, a portable BBQ is for you.

Why you should buy a portable BBQ.

1the price. The great thing about portable BBQ’s is their low price, this makes them very affordable, you may want to have a BBQ, enjoy the benefits of having a BBQ, but can’t afford that shiny 6 burner gas BBQ. A portable BBQ will be within your budget.

2 – Portable BBQs are easy to carry. Since they are made with fewer parts than a larger BBQ it makes them more lightweight. Depending on the size you could even fit one in a backpack when you go out for the day, a portable BBQ’s is much lighter than a tank of LPG!

3they can fit in the boot of your car. Since portable BBQ’s are small, they can fit in the boot of your car no problem. This means you can take your BBQ with you anywhere you go from the beach to the bush.

4people love to use a charcoal BBQ because it gives their food that wonderful smokey flavour that few people can resist. In fact, a lot of people believe that this smokey flavour is the key ingredient to a successful BBQ, so, why compromise on taste or flavour? From fish to steaks you can cook it all on a portable BBQ.

5great for days out. Portable BBQ’s are perfect for days out or camping, thanks to their size and weight it’s the best way to have your barbecuing needs with you, from a planned outing to a spur-of-the-moment day out a portable BBQ is easy to take wherever you are going.

6Portable BBQ’s are easy to assemble, this is because they are made with few parts, a base, legs, grill and a lid which makes it so easy to assemble. This means you have your BBQ set up and ready to go in no time.

7low maintenance, because there isn’t *a lot* to a portable BBQ about the only thing you have to *worry about* is cleaning the grill, making these BBQ’s very low maintenance.

8small and portable, but capable of some amazing heat! Some gas grills are unable to reach the temperatures a charcoal BBQ can reach, so if you love crispy steaks, you’ll love a portable BBQ

9they don’t need gas or electricity. All portable BBQ’s need is a bag of charcoal, making them the great *go anywhere* BBQ.

10cooking on a portable BBQ is an experience! While it can take time, it’s fun cooking on charcoal, if you love your BBQ and enjoy impressing people a portable BBQ is the right choice for you.

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