11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Must have BBQ accessories

There’s a reason Home Heat And BBQ is known as the Weber Store. We stock their full Aussie range. To go with all our heating and cooking devices, some tools and add-ons are essential. They range from pokers and fire-proof gloves to grates and fabric covers. Let’s look at some mandatory accessories for your roast.

Cleaning Implements

Ideally, you should do a quick-clean every time you use your BBQ. Scrub and dry the grates, remove any residue, and empty your ash pans and drip trays. Weber wire brushes are good for getting bits of food off the grate. You can loosen the dirt using Weber all-purpose BBQ cleaner, a food-grade washing up fluid that is tough of grime but gentle on grills and grates. After cleaning and drying your BBQ, it’s a good idea to oil the grates. This keeps your BBQ rust-proof and the next time you cook, food won’t stick. An alternative is Weber stainless steel and metal protectant to keep away rust and corrosion.

Grilling tools

The most essential items in your grilling arsenal (outside of gloves and aprons) are tongs. They can pick food as it cooks, making it easier to flip your meat cuts. It can also be used with balled up foil to clean your BBQ grates. You could invest in wooden spatulas. These are helpful when you’re cooking on non-stick surfaces. (Metallic tools might scratch off your non-stick coating.) For regular grilling, a three-piece stainless steel tool set is just the thing – it contains a fork and slotted spatula in addition to tongs. You might also want a basting brush to keep cuts moist

Temperature control

It’s easy to cook on a portable BBQ grill like the Weber Pulse, because it’s marked with temperature settings. But even those heating metrics aren’t always accurate, especially as you preheat. Also, the temperature inside the grill doesn’t necessarily match the temperature of the food. So if your BBQ doesn’t have a thermometer built into its lid, consider buying one. There are different types including meat probes and Bluetooth models.

The former has a skewer you can stick inside your food. It has the upside of showing whether your dish has cooked through. (Cooked meat will release a clear fluid when the poked, while pastries will come out moist and coated with uncooked food residue. If it’s dry and unstained when it comes out of your cake, cookie/pie, then your dish is done. Both the Weber meat probe and Weber Bluetooth thermometer can be linked to the Weber iGrill app on your smartphone.

Spinning skewers

For quicker readouts, opt for the no-frills manual Weber Instant thermometer. It does have a digital screen, and it shows your temperature reading within seconds. To finish off, you could invest in various rotisseries. Your BBQ might have one built-in, but it helps to have an external one for larger cooking volumes. Weber has electric rotisseries that can be used on gas BBQs, and are independently plugged into nearby sockets. Position them carefully to avoid fire hazards.

To find the right BBQ accessories for your grilling needs, call Home Heat and BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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