11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

A Look at Our Gas BBQ Range

Gas barbeques give you a perfect fire at the touch of a button, which gives you complete control over the temperature you are cooking at, and gas barbeques are famously easy to clean. With a stainless-steel gas barbeque, you are cooking over a direct heat which is both convenient and tidy.

Why are Gas Barbeques better?

  • At the touch of a button, they light up, offering you an easily controllable and consistent temperature, with, an even distribution of heat. This makes them a lot more reliable and means your food cooks evenly and is less likely to get burnt.
  • Most stainless-steel gas barbeques have multiple burners and separate controls so that you can cook different foods all at the same time and some come with the option of side burners.
  • They cook faster, so you can cook larger quantities of food, great when you have friends or family around.
  • Cleaning up is quick and easy.
  • They are cheap to run.

The Genesis series ranges from the IIE310 to the Genesis II LX E440 Premium range : The entry-level 310 gives you  Infinity Ignition which is guaranteed to last forever, a fat management system that is designed to direct excess fat and food away from the burners and into a disposable drip tray located below the food cooking area which eliminates the risk of fat fires. Add to this the GS4 burners – a new design that gives you a constant gas pressure across the entire burner for perfect and even heat. Flavouriser Bars are angled steel bars that sit above the burners to protect them from fat dripping and falling food. Any fat or juices that hit the flavouriser bars sizzle and smoulder which creates and adds a Smokey flavour to your food.


With the Genesis II LX E440 Premium range you find the best barbeque is now even better, with this series you get the GS4 Burners, Infinity Ignition, Fat management system and flavouriser bars. Plus High+ burner control, tuck away warming rack with compatible accessories, a dual door enclosed cart with double storage shelf, and it includes the iGrill 3 thermometer and rotisserie.


Looking for something smaller? The Weber Spirit E-210 is for you; it’s perfect for small balconies or patios – anywhere where space is limited. If you are on a budget, this barbeque gives you everything you want or need from a premium gas barbeque but at a fraction of the price. This compact unit gives you two stainless steel burners, manual ignition system, storage area, porcelain enamel hood, built-in lid thermometer, cast iron hotplate, porcelain enamel flavouriser bars, porcelain enamel steel cooking grills, backside tables, and a ten-year limited warranty.


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