11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Tips for Travelling with Your Portable BBQ this Christmas

Are you planning on hitting the road this Christmas? We don’t blame you. It’s a great time to leave the rat race behind and get into the great outdoors for a spot of camping and see some of Australia’s resplendent natural beauty. Covering the essentials such as cooking has never been easier with the range of portable BBQ’s on the market that are compact and fit perfectly into your car, caravan, or van. There are a few things to be wary of when travelling with your BBQ and in this post we will give you some tricks and tips so you can safely travel with your BBQ.

Cooking with Gas

If you have a gas BBQ be sure to unhook the gas before putting it in the car or trailer. Store the gas canisters in a sealed container away from anything that will cause it to rupture. It’s also a good idea to wrap your gas bottle in an old blanket for an extra layer of protection and make sure the valve is fully closed to prevent a gas leak in the car which can potentially cause an explosion. It best to double check everything before you leave.

Cooking with Charcoal

Charcoal BBQ’s are perfect for the great outdoors. You don’t have to worry about running out of gas when you’re in the middle of nowhere and then have to do a run into town to fill up. This will only interrupt your time in nature. When travelling with a charcoal BBQ, empty the coals into a separate sealable bucket or container. Doing will make transporting your barbecue a smooth and clean affair. If the barbecue does topple over you and your car won’t get covered in charcoal.

Clean the Barbecue

This should go without saying but it can be overlooked. Clean your BBQ before transporting it. This will avoid grease going everywhere in the car. You will be surprised how much grease and soot can build up on the inside and the outside of your BBQ. Before you leave give it a good clean with hot soapy water inside and out. It’s best to do it at least a day before so it has enough time to dry before loading it in the car.

BBQ Testing

Before you leave you should make sure that your BBQ is fully functional and working correctly. Spark it up a few days before and make sure it does its job. There is nothing worse than getting to your camping spot and the barbecue doesn’t work. It’s also a good excuse to get the friends and family around to have a BBQ. Not that anyone needs an excuse. It’s our god given right.

With a little planning transporting your BBQ safely can be simple. It doesn’t take much to get it ready transport, a simple clean and a few precautionary measures and your away. If you have any questions on how to transport your portable BBQ safely or any BBQ queries for that matter, don’t hesitate to ask us at Home Heat and BBQ.

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