11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Choosing An Inbuilt Wood Heater in Sydney

An inbuilt wood heater is an excellent choice to heat your home through the chill of Sydney’s winters. They offer the cosy effect of an open fireplace that we all can imagine sitting in front of while wearing warm socks and sipping a mug of hot chocolate, but with greater heating efficiency. Inbuilt wood heaters can also save space over freestanding models and are available in a wide array of design options.

What to Consider When You Buy Inbuilt Wood Heater

Space Requirements

The size of the heater you choose will depend on several factors. Perhaps the most important factor is how much heat you’d like the wood heater to generate-larger wood ovens like the Seguin Multivision 8000 Three-Sided Cast Iron Fireplace will create more heat and can heat a larger space. If the room where you plan to place the heater has a lot of windows or is poorly insulated, you may also need to choose a larger heater even if the room is small.

When choosing a heater, you’ll also want to consider the configuration of your room to discern where the heater can be placed. Although inbuilt wood heaters typically use less space than freestanding models, in some cases they may require additional safety precautions such as fireproof heat diffusing boxes or heat shields, which can increase their space requirements in some cases.

Heating Needs

Wood burning heaters produce heat through convection (warming of the air), radiation (warming of nearby objects), and accumulation (lasting warming of the heater’s brick casing).

Convection heaters draw in cool air from the room and heat it, causing the hot air to rise. As a result, they tend to work best in well-insulated rooms with low ceilings to keep the heat closer to ground level.

Radiant heaters transfer heat from the outer surfaces of the heater to nearby objects or surfaces. Because the heat stays lower in the room in this variety of heater, they can work in large, open spaces and rooms with high ceilings or poor insulation.

Some heaters, such as the Axis H1600XXL Double Sided Inbuilt Wood Fireplace, use a combination of all three heating techniques to deliver comprehensive heating.

The heating power of wood heaters can vary from about 4 kilowatts to 16 kilowatts on the higher end. Your power needs will depend on the layout of your home, its insulation, and the number of windows, so make sure to have this information handy when shopping for a heater.


Of course, once you know your space and heating requirements, you’ll want to seek out a model that fits in with the style of your home. The Axis H1200 3V Inbuilt Wood Fireplace is a sleek option for a modern home, while the Regency Berwick Inbuilt Fireplace would fit in perfectly with a more traditional design.

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