11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

A Close Look At the Regency GF900 Models

When looking for to purchase an indoor heating system, the Regency GF900 is one of the best options available in Australia today. It is sleek, beautifully designed with well-defined linear styling and a beautiful wide angle flame set. The fire is continental driftwood log the burns in an efficient and clean manner.

With that in mind, let us take a closer look at some of the features that make this model ideal for your home:

Electronic ignition

In line with saving energy and adding efficiency, the Regency GF900 models come with electronic ignition. This is a feature fitted on newer generations of gas fireplaces that uses electricity to light up the pilot flame. It saves a lot on energy and fuel, by eliminating the need for having a running pilot flame when the fireplace is not in use.

Variable fan

As standard, this gas fireplace comes with a powerful 3 speed fan. This is fan has variable speed settings, which let you select the amount of warmth spread around your house, depending on how many rooms you want heated. At top speed, the fan will increase the heat circulation to warm up any part of your house. This design is used together with the direct vent room technology, to lead all the waste combustion gases away, reducing the amount of heat lost in the process. With this fireplace, you have the option of a horizontal or vertical flue as well.

Aesthetic design

With the GF900 models, Regency has come up with a dress guard design that meets the strictest Australian Safety legislation and even exceeds it. This custom dress guard design comes together with a ceramic glass for added efficiency and appeal.

Other features that coma as standard and still add to the appeal include the wide landscape fire that has a driftwood set. This decorative landscape also has realistic glowing embers and black enamel side inserts that are reflective, both to reduce heat loss and to increase appeal.


As standard, the Regency GF900 comes with an RF remote control. This is completely programmable and easy to use. With it, you can set and adjust the time you would like your fireplace to come on, and at what temperature. It creates optimal comfort with the touch of a button.

Another really nifty feature that comes as standard with this series, is versatility when it comes to fuel. You are no longer restricted to one type of gas, as this is capable of using both natural gas and propane thanks to its LPG conversion kit.


Apart from the features that come as standard, you have a wide selection of optional extras to further customise your fireplace. Most if these will change the look and feel, while some increase efficiency. Some of these extras include premium glass fascia and a contemporary door frame and fascia either in black or brushed stainless steel. You can also get an inner door in black or stainless steel, if you are looking to mix and match.


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