11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Advantages of the Weber Baby Q Range

If you are looking for a Weber BBQ that gives you food cooked with unbelievable flavour, if you want a gas BBQ, and, you want a BBQ that is versatile, you can’t go past the Weber Q. Whether you are cooking a sausage, or a nice lamb chop a Weber Q will transform these old Aussie favourites into a mouth-watering masterpiece that will have you – and your family and guests coming back for more.

The Weber Q isn’t *just a BBQ* though, when you use some of the great Weber accessories you can turn your Q into a handy convection oven. This means your BBQ can now cook roasts with amazing flavour – beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish. This BBQ can also cook stirfries, pizzas, vegetables – anything and everything from breakfast to dinner. Did you know with a Weber Q you can even cook cakes and muffins? Just like you can in your oven.

The Weber Q is so versatile – you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! Just think of having half a dozen kitchen appliances all rolled into one, cooking outside, in the fresh air and keeping your kitchen free from all those cooking smells.

Imagine if you NEVER had to clean your oven again!

The range of Weber Q BBQ’s  have evolved from the popular Weber Kettle. Everyone is familiar with that Aussie Icon – the Kettle that roasts food with a flavour that can’t be duplicated.

That amazing flavour comes from the smoke that circulates around the food inside while it’s cooking. It’s unique to the Weber Kettle range of BBQ’s and it’s what has set the Kettle apart from other BBQ’s on the market. It’s no surprise that the Weber Q – when the lid is down, works just like the Kettle, the barbecue smoke that is created inside circulates the food inside giving it that unique and amazing flavour.

The Baby Q is perfect for travelling, from taking on holidays camping, to a day out at the beach, the Baby Q gives you a flexibility you don’t get with any other BBQ and with a 9KG gas bottle lasting long enough to cook 100 meals it’s a truly economical BBQ.

The Webber Baby Q has split grills, is made from no rust aluminium, and comes with an easy to clean drip tray, and is available in 2 stunning colours – Titanium and Black. This is truly a take anywhere BBQ that does it all. Perfect for camping you can cook all the meals you need – breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll be the envy of the campground when you are cooking a nice roast – with veggies for lunch, and your catch of the day fish for dinner. The Baby Q is an amazing BBQ that does it all.

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