11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Our Gas Webers in Focus

Weber BBQs  are among the most popular BBQ brands in the world, and they’re certainly well-loved here in Australia. Our uptake of Webers is so high that the manufacturer has designed models specifically for our market. Webers are available in charcoal, gas, and electric versions, and out of these, gas is the most convenient.

Gas Webers light up instantly using an ignition switch, and they go off just as quickly. There’s no soot or ash, so it’s easier to clean, and since it doesn’t produce smoke, it can be safely used indoors. Many Gas Webers have multiple burners, and the gas dials help with temperature control. They sometimes have viewing panes and side tables.

Three Series of Weber Gas BBQ

Here at Home Heat & BBQ, we stock three series of Gas Weber BBQs: Genesis, Spirit, and Summit. All three series are hooded gas BBQs. The hoods can be open or closed for a variety of results. Hood-down grilling gives a moist cut while hood-up BBQ-ing offers a crispy finish. Genesis and Spirit models are portable, while Summit can be built into your kitchen.

Weber Genesis BBQ

Weber Genesis BBQ models range between $1,000 and $2,500. Each unit has worktables on either side of the BBQ plate. The worktables can be folded away, and the BBQ hoods have thermometers for heat control. Genesis BBQs use the GS4 cooking system and have a 10-year warranty. Some units have a storage shelf; others have double door storage compartments.

Features include a warming rack that you can tuck away when it’s not in use. To reduce fat fires, the GS4 fat-control system manages excess fat by directing it away from the burners and into the drip tray. The drip tray is disposable for easy removal and clean-up. The burners themselves have a new tapered design for constant pressure and evenly distributed heating.

Spirit Weber BBQs

Spirit Weber BBQs are a bit more affordable at $800 to $1,000. They have one to three burners made of stainless steel and are equipped with a porcelain enamel hood. The base of the BBQ has a perforated screen that can be removed as needed. There’s also a gas gauge, so you know when your gas bottle needs refilling or replacing. Each BBQ has black side tables.

Like other Gas Webers, Spirit Webers have Flavouriser bars. These are steel bars that sit above the burners at an angle. When fat or juices drip onto the bars, they get sizzled and smoulder, producing flavoured smoke that wafts back up to the grilled food, giving it an extra kick. At the same time, the flavouriser bars protect burners from getting clogged with spills.

Summit Weber Gas BBQ

The Summit series contains both in-built and portable models. They’re on the higher end, retailing at about $4,000 to $5,000. They have a SlideFrame design for easy cleaning. Even though it’s built-in, you can slide the BBQ out of place when you want to clean it, then slip it back into place. They have infra-red burners and a sear station from pre-BBQ prep.

Summit Gas Weber BBQs can be installed in outdoor kitchens, and work well for evening BBQ sessions. Their lighted controls are great for grilling after dark, and the Summit’s smoker box, side burner and motor-powered rotisserie give you BBQ-ing versatility.

To browse our selection of Gas Weber BBQs, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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