11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Easy to move BBQ options

Before you buy your first gas BBQ you need to consider what it is you want from a BBQ.

  • What style of cooking do you like to do? If you want to *break up* you regular meals with the odd BBQ, you need a BBQ that’s quick to heat up, like a gas BBQ.
  • What type of BBQ cooking do you prefer? Do you like your meats smoked or grilled? A portable gas BBQ will give you perfectly grilled meats every time.
  • What’s your budget? Entry level and mid-range BBQ’s will give you economical value and straight forward cooking. Higher end BBQ’s come with combination cooking styles and unique features such as quality fireboxes and accessories.
  • How many people will you be cooking for? A 4-burner gas BBQ is a great option for cooking for your family regularly and for the occasional party.
  • How much storage space do you have? No place is really too small for a BBQ, from a portable charcoal BBQ for days at the beach to a 4-burner gas BBQ. Measure your space first if storage is going to be an issue.

Spirit series BBQ’s from Weber are a part of their gas BBQ range designed to complement the extensive charcoal *Kettle* range. Modern design has reached new heights, the Spirit Series is affordable and perfect for most outdoor areas including back yards, courtyards, balconies and entertaining areas. If you are looking for a gas BBQ that’s easy to move around your yard – or from the garage to the back yard for a family BBQ the Spirt range is for you.

  • Weber Spirit II E-310: The perfect family size BBQ from feeding the family to entertaining friends. A spacious cooking area with 3 burners allows you to grill steaks on one side while cooking other foods on the other side. If you like to cook more *delicate* foods a hotplate is included. Tools are kept within reach and the BBQ is so easy to clean, thanks to the open cart design. This unit comes with Weber’s 10-year 100% warranty guarantee and is available in both LGP and natural gas.
  • Weber Spirit II E-320: with three burners for cooking and a spacious cooking area, this unit is easy to clean and a hotplate for more delicate foods is included. The E-320 features the GS4 grilling system and is also iGrill 3 ready.

The Genesis Series, also produced by Weber is a premium range of gas BBQ’s with prep surfaces and storage space included From the Genesis II E310 3 burner to the Genesis II E410 with four burners to the Genesis II LX E440 premium – Weber has reinvented the BBQ all the features of the Genesis II range but with a premium finish, Webers 10 year warranty and it is available in both Natural Gas and LPG options.

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