11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

BQQ Models for Large Cook-Offs

The Summer soundtrack of sizzling meat on the barbecue is music to the ears of a hungry party of Aussies. The quintessential Aussie barbecue is deeply ingrained in our culture and our hearts. Getting the friends and family over for some drinks, tunes, and great food cooked outdoors are moments to be cherished forever. The more the merrier, but the more people, the more food. The bigger the BBQ the easier the cooking task to feed the masses up some gourmet outdoor deliciousness. In this post, we take a look at some of the BBQ’s that are designed for the big jobs, the big cook-offs, for people with big appetites with eyes as big as their bellies.

Are you hungry yet?

The Weber Summit Series

The Weber Summit Series is  top of the line Weber BBQ with all the trimmings that will make light work of a large cook-off. The Summit series has everything you need to cook pretty much everything. It’s a six burner BBQ that has ample room and power to cook and grill large quantities of food at the same time.

It’s lightweight and durable stainless-steel body ensures it can stand up to outdoor conditions with ease and will last for many seasons to come. This baby also features a rotisserie for those perfectly cooked BBQ chickens and a smoke box for when you’re feeling a little creative and want to smoke your own meats. It also features a side burner and sear station for extracurricular activities such as cooking speciality dishes or getting the perfect sear on your steak. The Webber Summit Series is up to the task: great or small, it will handle the situation without breaking a sweat.

The Weber Genesis II series

Here comes another big gun from the people at Weber who have been producing top quality barbecues since the inception of the ever popular Weber original. The Weber Genesis II series is the all-new complete outdoor cooking solution that will have you pumping out gourmet feasts with minimal effort.

It features tapered gas burners that distribute heat evenly across the plate, so you can get the perfect sear, sizzle, and satay every time. It also features a warming rack to keep your meat and veg nice and warm while you finish off the rest. Another feature worth mentioning is the flavour bars that sit above the burners and catch dripping juices. The dripping juices are then heated by the burners and produce a smoke that will flavour the food cooking above. It’s absolute genius. The Weber Genesis Series II comes on a portable workstation with wheels, so it’s easily manoeuvred around the backyard into the perfect cooking spot. It’s a serious machine that is up to the task of the largest of cook-offs.

Are you ready for the BBQ season? If the answer is no, browse our website or come visit us in store and our friendly team will hook you up with all you BBQing needs.

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