12 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Infusing Your Meats – Is It Worth It?

Growing up, you’ve likely tasted differently cooked meats. Some cooked as they are, and others infused with brines, dry rubs, pastes and marinades. Since everyone has their taste, the debate over which method produces tastier meats will seemingly never end.


Although using a charcoal grill infuses a unique smoky flavour to your meats, some people go a step further to enhance the delectability of their barbeques.

Like standard grilling, infusing meats is an art that requires finesse and great detail to produce a desirable outcome. Here are common ways of infusing meat.

  • Basting: involves using a brush to apply flavoured liquids and sauces and is mainly used on poultry meat.
  • Brining: involves dipping meats in a salt solution. You can also add herby blends and fruity wines to the solution.
  • Dry rubs and paste: involves dipping meats in thick, flavoured, seasoned sauces.
  • Marinating: involves soaking in a flavoured and seasoned acidic mixture before grilling.



The following are the benefits of infusing meats.

Enhanced Flavour

The most significant benefit of infusing meats is enhanced flavour. The flavours penetrate deeper into the core, guaranteeing a rich, mouth-watering taste. Also, the infusion is the only way to get an evenly flavoured barbeque.

Increased Moisture

Most people prefer moist meats over dry ones. This is true for beef, chicken, pork, and others.

Infusion techniques like marinating guarantee moist and tasty meats, especially turkey and ham. In addition, if you are slow-cooking large cuts of beef, marination works wonders!

Saves Time

Brining tenderises meats before cooking. Because of this, it takes a shorter time to get it ready for eating than freshly cut meat.


Before refrigerators became popular, people applied salt to meats to remove moisture and increase longevity. Therefore, infusing meats can make them remain edible for a few more days.



Here are some disadvantages of infusing meats.



On the downside, the infusion can contaminate your food with bacteria resistant to heat, called botulism. So be careful when infusing large cuts of meat.

No Crustiness

Most people love their grills crusty and soft inside. However, this isn’t attainable if you marinate the meat. Marinades mean no crustiness because they form a moisture barrier between the steak and the grill.


It takes an expert to infuse meat property. If you do it wrong, you’ll end up with expensive food that you can’t enjoy because it’s too acidic, salty, tender, or mushy.



Like most cooking decisions, it depends on your preferences. There’s no denying that infusion makes food tastier and tender, saves time, and can make meats last longer. However, its effects can be undesirable if performed incorrectly. You’re at risk of bacterial infections and getting food that you can’t swallow. In addition, some techniques like marination prevent you from enjoying brown, crusty meats.

Whether you infuse your meats or not, you need great equipment to enjoy tasty, smoky, and aromatic barbeques. Contact Home & Heat BBQ today for a range of barbeque grills and outdoor kitchens suitable for your next backyard party or camping trip!

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