12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Which Lopi Is Best for You?

Although Australian winters don’t get as frigid as they do in the west, keeping warm helps lift your mood during the cooler months and makes your home more inviting. This article will discuss the various heating options from Home & Heat BBQ’s Lopi range.

Lopi is a renowned provider of indoor and outdoor heating solutions. The company has developed many reputable, efficient, durable heaters since its inception. So regardless of your budget, you will always be able to find a product to meet your needs.


All Lopi heaters have optimal efficiency – they warm large spaces using little fuel. In addition, their wood-fired units adhere to stringent manufacturing standards, aiming to meet your heating needs while keeping your room’s aesthetic appeal.


However, it can be pretty challenging to identify the right Lopi heater for your needs. The product range is so extensive that it needs adequate research before settling on an option. Some primary consideration factors include the preferred fuel source, size, and visual appeal.


Some people don’t like smoky fireplaces, while others love the crackling sound of burning wood and its beautiful flames. The Lopi range has various heater types that cater to the unique preferences of every customer. They guarantee a warm and enjoyable experience.


First, you need to choose the preferred fuel source. Wood-fired heaters are ideal if you like the traditional sound of burning wood and watching the luminous orange flames. It’s an excellent way of reliving the past.


However, lighting these heaters can be cumbersome – it takes time to collect wood, and getting them to produce flames isn’t easy. Moreover, wood heaters can be messy since you must clean the heater to remove ashes and soot. You must also ‘kill’ all burning logs as lit embers can become a fire risk.


Conversely, gas heaters are convenient. You simply flip a switch to warm your house. In addition, gas isn’t as messy as wood. You don’t have to deal with smoke and ashes. On the downside, a faulty gas heater can cause health concerns, so regularly inspecting the supply pipes is highly recommended. Also, its flames can’t match the wood’s authenticity.


The Lopi range of built-in wood-fired heaters combines wood’s authenticity with modern designs and styles. Besides sparking visual interest, these heaters can become the focal point of your living room. You can sit around the fire for storytelling with family or gather around while entertaining guests.


Lopi’s built-in fireplaces are a perfect addition to any home. If you love rusticity, the sight and sound of burning wood will charm you. If you appreciate modernity, the built-in design is attractive, given that it doesn’t require additional floor space.


Lopi standalone fireplaces are suitable for people who love antiquated designs. They’re available in gas and wood-fired options. Due to their design, standalone heaters are better for outdoor or open spaces rather than built-in fireplaces.




Keeping warm makes winters liveable, as nobody wants to live in cold conditions. Lopi has a broad range of heaters that can help you fight the winter blues, keep you warm and create a conducive environment for relaxing and passing the time. So don’t wait for the eleventh hour; get a unit from Home Heat & BBQ today.

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