12 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Charcoal Grill Models to Consider

Weber has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality and dependable charcoal grills. The company’s iconic Kettle series features a grill with a round dome and was first produced in the mid-century era. Although it has undergone several upgrades, it still boasts of Weber’s trademark charcoal taste that most people crave.

Currently, Weber’s BBQ range has different styles and sizes to cater to the unique needs of every customer. Whether you like your meats grilled or smoked, there’s a product for you!

Here are some of Weber’s charcoal grill models to consider.


The Kettle series is the company’s most famous charcoal grill. It’s renowned for its round lid covering a deep drum supported by three legs. Besides the pioneering black, this product is also available in crimson.

The standard Weber Kettle grill will suit your needs if you have a small family. However, the Weber Performer Premium Kettle and Performer Kettle are helpful for larger families and gatherings, especially if you have a spacious outdoor area. You can quickly whip up meals for many people with these options. Lastly, there’s the Weber Ranch charcoal grill – the world’s largest kettle drum.


Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are fun, but you can add excitement to your adventure by carrying a charcoal grill. Weber has several grills in its Portable BBQ range that allow you to enjoy delicious meals on the move.

When camping, having your grill means you no longer have to queue to use the public BBQ grill (if present). Also, you don’t waste precious time cleaning someone else’s mess, which is often the case with shared equipment.

The Weber Portable BBQ range has three grills. The Weber Go-Anywhere is the smallest, making it ideal for romantic getaways. The Weber Jumbo Joe is a smaller iteration of the Kettle, while the Smokey Joe is a mini version of the Jumbo Joe.


Consider purchasing a Weber Smoker Series charcoal grill if smoked meats are your preferred choice. These grills look like a stretched version of the Kettle, with two rounded ends on either side of a long, cylindrical body.

The stretched design makes the Smoker Series charcoal grills ideal for smoking meats. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three designs, ranging from 37 cm to 57 cm.


The Summit Charcoal Series guarantees the ultimate charcoal grilling experience. Its lid has an inbuilt thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature while cooking. The drum is also large enough to prepare food for at least ten people.

The Summit Charcoal range has two grills – the standard version and the larger Weber Summit Charcoal grilling center, which features a preparation table for an unrivalled barbecuing experience.


Charcoal grilling is still famous as it guarantees tasty and savoury meats. While it takes a master to prepare food using standard BBQ grills, Weber products from Home Heat & BBQ have built-in temperature control functions that make cooking easier for beginners. Call us today for a free quote!

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