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Charcoal grill models to consider

There is no going past a good old-fashioned charcoal BBQ if you want a meal with that delicious BBQ taste. Weber is best known for producing the iconic Kettle BBQ – the charcoal grill with a round dome, this renowned BBQ style has been around since 1952, and while it has had a few design upgrades over the year, it still has that amazing charcoal taste everybody knows and loves.

Today Weber BBQ’s  come in a range of styles and sizes, including the traditional Kettle, portable and the very latest smoker designs for those who are really into their smoked meats.

Kettle Series

The Weber BBQ is certainly here to stay, and with an expanding range of BBQ’s it’s easy to see why. The Weber Kettle BBQ known for its rounded lid and deep drum that sits on top of triangular legs with moveable base, has come a long way. Today the Weber BBQ comes in a range of colours including crimson, smoke and the original black. There are smaller Weber BBQ’s made for balconies and patios and a new ash catcher designed for easier cleaning. The Weber Performer Premium kettle and Performer Kettle are great for those who want more bench and preparation space, while the Weber Ranch has the biggest – extra large kettle drum in the world.

Portable BBQ Series

For those who love the outdoors, camping, days at the beach, being able to pack up your BBQ and take it with you is so much fun. Weber have a range of portable BBQ’s, and you know there is always a great meal ready for you when you take your BBQ with you. The range of Weber Portable BBQ’s means you no longer have to be at the picnic ground early to battle with others to use the public BBQ, you also don’t have to clean the BBQ before you can use it as someone left a mess.

The portable range comes in three designs – The Weber Go-Anywhere, The Weber Jumbo Joe – a portable version of the Kettle and the Weber Smokey Joe – a smaller version of the Jumbo Joe.

Smoker Series

Smoked meats are fast becoming *all the rage*, and thanks to the Weber Smoker Series it’s easy and fun. This new range allows you to be creative and whip up your very own slow-cooked meat feast. Weber Smokers use a long cylindrical body designed with rounded tops and bottoms – they looked like a stretched Weber Kettle, and it’s this stretched design that makes it perfect for smoking foods.

The Weber Smoker Series is available in 3 designs – the 37cm Smokey Mountain Cooker, the 47cm Smokey Mountain Cooker and the 57cm Smokey Mountain Cooker perfect for all your smoked meat needs.

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