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Tips for the Perfect Charcoal Barbeque

Australians are known across the world for their love and excellence for barbecues. If you’ve just started using a charcoal bbq, these tips should ensure you get fantastic results.

Charcoal Barbeque

Start With the Right Gear

You’ll need a charcoal bbq grill first before you can start grilling. Pick a grill based on how often you plan on using it as well as how much space you have. Larger gas grills are ideal baking and roasting in a bigger home, whereas the smaller charcoal burner is suitable for smaller backyards. Also, if love picnics then go with a portable bbq.


Always Be Ready

There is a massive difference between grilling and cooking. When cooking in your kitchen, it is possible to stop and start to do various actions like preparing your condiments, sides, utensils or even setting your table.

However, on the charcoal barbecue grill, there is no slowing down once the coals get flaming hot. Make sure you concentrate on the grilling by doing all your prep work before lighting the coals. That way you won’t be feeling rushed as you grill.


Add Flavour to Your Meats

There are numerous ways you can add more flavour when grilling on your Weber barbecue. The easiest method is using glazes that you brush on in the last couple of minutes before serving. You can make your glazes utilizing a range of spices, herbs, honey and others.

Prepare your dry and wet rubs before your meat goes on the grill. Also, consider marinating your meats before grilling to not only infuse more flavours but also for perfectly tender meat.


Take Advantage of Heat Zones

On your Weber kettle bbq grill, place coals at the centre. Then, sear your food in that hot area, where the heat is at the highest point. You can then move it and place it on the outer sides to get that slow cook without burning. With a gas bbq, you would set one burner to high, while the other on medium. That way, you create the beneficial effect of having both indirect and direct heat on your grill.


Be Creative

Even though steaks, pork chops, seafood and sausages are all regular meals in an Australian barbecue, you can get creative and other foods on your Weber bbq grill. For example, vegetable skewers, mushrooms and even pizzas make for tasty options, especially for vegetarians. Also, capitalize on the barbecuing theme by even grilling your dessert. That means lightly cooking pineapples and mangos on your grill.


Clean your Grill

Before your charcoal bbq grill gets going, you must ensure that it is clean. If the grill has sauce residues, food remains and greases, then these elements can seep into your meats, thus affecting the final taste of the grilled meat.

Light it up and then scrub with a wire brush to not only keep it clean but ensure beautiful grill marks. Also, a clean charcoal grill promotes a safe cooking environment.


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