12 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Gas heating options for large living areas

When it comes to choosing a gas fireplace Sydney you want to make the right choice, after all, you will be living with your choice for many years to come.

The right heating makes all the difference, not just to your physical comfort but for your hip pocket as well, if your heating bills are becoming too high, it could be that you are choosing the wrong heating source, heating and cooling account for 40% of your household energy use, so making the right fuel choice is important. You need to consider

  • Your climate – In Sydney’s inner west and Eastern suburbs it’s usually mild with heaters only used during winter and parts of autumn. While in areas closer to the blue mountains they are using heaters for longer and often during the day.
  • Different heating areas – a small area needs a small heater and while the heater is small, it can cost a lot to run. Larger areas need bigger heaters, but one, like a gas fireplace that runs efficiently. For large rooms a combination of convective and radiant heat works best, while in large, draughty rooms radiant heating is best.
  • Chose the right fuel – do you have natural or bottled gas in your street? Natural gas is the cheaper option with lower running costs than electricity, heating capacity is great and natural gas is more environmentally friendly and your heat is available at the flick of a switch.
  • Choose the right heater – what do you want to heat? One room? Or an entire house? Gas heaters produce a heat that is convective, radiant or both. Flued heaters are a good option as there are no emissions seeping into the room. They are thermostat controlled and have different heating modes, which reduces energy costs. There are different installation options, and installation is permanent. Gas log flame fires are another popular choice, they can be freestanding and can also be installed inside existing masonry fireplaces where no fluing is needed.


For open plan living, flued gas fireplaces Sydney where fumes are pushed outside offer an efficient option for heating a large area. You can add a fireplace effect and have an environmentally friendly warm home, with the cosy look and feel of a log fire.

Tips for staying warm this winter

  • Minimise heat loss by adding curtains or blinds to your windows
  • Cover bare floors with rugs
  • Seal any gaps around air vents, skirting boards, doors and windows that let in draughts
  • Close doors of unoccupied rooms
  • Use draught stoppers such as door snakes
  • Don’t over-heat your home, you don’t need to be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt, about 18 to 21 C is a comfortable temperature for most people
  • If you can position your furniture to deflect or avoid any draughts

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