11 Jan 2023 | BBQs

Preparing Your Barbeque for Barbeque Season

It’s spring! Summer is fast approaching, finally after what seemed like an endless winter, we can get outside again and enjoy the sunshine, the warmer weather and those longer days. It’s time to pull the cover off the barbeque and get back into enjoying the outdoors, while cooking up a storm once again. During winter it’s no fun standing out in the dark and the cold, so now is the time to get back out there! From cooking a pizza to roasting a chicken, there are so many things you can do on your barbeque, so many new recipes to try – but – before you start cooking…..

If your BBQ has been sitting outside, wrapped up in its cover and doing nothing for the past few months – there are a few things you should do BEFORE you light that BBQ for the first time this season. Always give your BBQ a little spring clean. It doesn’t take long, but it certainly won’t hurt.

4 simple things to get your BBQ ready for the summer

  1. Check the gas hose. If your BBQ has been sitting there for a few months without being used, it takes just a few minutes to give that hose a little *once over* before you press *ignite*. Check the hose all the way from the gas cylinder to the BBQ, make sure the hose is clean and intact. If there is any build up on the hose itself, clean it off before you start your BBQ. If the hose looks old and worn, has signs of any holes or is even torn, spend a few dollars, buy yourself a new one and replace it.
  2. Give the BBQ a quick clean – even if it’s been cleaned and covered all the time, still take the grates out and give everything a good clean. You can use a damp cloth and a wire bush to get the job done, don’t use soap as it can be hard to wash off.
  3. Clean out the grease trap – before you start barbequing this spring and summer pull out the grease trap and dump out any leftover grease etc. If you want to make the clean up a bit better for next time – line your grease trap with some good quality aluminium foil.
  4. Give the BBQ a *test run* before you start cooking. Turn it on and let it burn for a few minutes. Make sure all the burners are firing properly and that there are no leaks.

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