11 Jan 2023 | Heaters

Some Help When Choosing Between Our Lopi Models

Once you make the decision to buy Lopi fireplaces, Sydney is the perfect place to shop. The city offers a wide variety of models, and here at Home Heat & BBQ, we’re fully stocked. The Lopi name is trusted for quality and versatility, but that can sometimes make it hard to decide which unit best suits your needs. There are three main considerations – freestanding vs inbuilt; outdoor vs indoor; gas vs wood. Here are some tips to help you along.

Fuel type

Gas heaters are considered to be more convenient than wood-burners, but that isn’t always the case. Gas bottles can be heavy and cumbersome, and while wood-heaters have smoke and embers, modern technology has eliminated some of these concerns. For example, some modern wood fireplaces have Greenstart technology, making them as easy to light as gas stoves. Just load your wood and press a button.

Some of our popular wood burners include Endeavour and Answer, which are more traditional in appearance and are free-standing units. They are designed like pot-belly stoves but are more square than conventionally rounded wood stoves. Our only free-standing gas model is the Cypress, named for its outer cypress finish.


If you’d like a stationary fireplace, then you want an in-built. It can be fitted into the hearth, or it can be ensconced into the wall. Lopi insert fireplaces include Freedom Bay, Republic, and Flushwood Hybrid. They fit snugly into the wall and you can construct a protruding firebox for them, if you prefer that design option. These are all wood-burning inserts.

Gas options can be single-sided or double-sided. The latter are good for dividing walls, because they can warm up both rooms at the same time. Lopi options can be linear in design, which means they are streamlined, and are much longer than they are wide. On the other hand, if you have a hearth, you can buy a free-standing furnace to place below the chimney.


Fashion is taking a nostalgic turn, and interior design is following the trend. This means all kinds of furnaces and fireplaces are being built to resemble log fires, even if they’re powered by gas or electricity. All Lopi models have viewing panels with realistic flames and kindling, but you can select the type of media that you prefer.

The Lopi 4415ST has a double-sided ceramic glass viewing panel, and a crushed glass floor that comes in four colour choices. For burning media, you can choose between driftwood, twigs, traditional logs, or tumbled stone. On the other hand, the Lopi 564 has a single, smaller viewing panel with a single artificial log enmeshed behind it.

For tips and tricks in choosing the right Lopi for your needs, call Home Heat & BBQ today on 02 9838 1300.

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