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Choosing the Right BBQ for Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Making the final designs in your outdoor kitchen? It makes sense, in Australia, that more and more of us are installing outdoor kitchens. It’s warm out, we love a barbie, and who wants to have to do all that food prep inside when we can do it outside instead? Today we provide a quick guide to selecting the right barbeque for your new outdoor space. Hopefully, it will help in picking the right one from our impressive range!

Measure that baby up

The most important thing you’ll need to examine first when choosing your BBQ for your outdoor kitchen is the space in which you have to put the BBQ! Measure up space you’ve allocated for the BBQ and make sure to keep the dimensions on hand when either browsing online or in store. This will include the height, width, depth, as well as allowing for any space for gas outlets and hoses. If the BBQ doesn’t fit the space, then you can either alter your space (if you haven’t yet built out the area), or move along to the next BBQ.

Portable or not Portable?

Weber Jumbo Joe

Depending on how large your outdoor kitchen installation is, as well as your needs for BBQing, you may like to consider a Weber portable BBQ. While they are more compact than your regular long type BBQs, something like a Weber Q might be just what you are looking for. These type of portable BBQs are great for those households that are always on the go, do a lot of camping or picnicking around the place.

Gas or charcoal?


For the majority of outdoor kitchens, you will want to have at least a larger burner gas BBQ to work with to do most of your quick barbequing on. This may be complemented by another charcoal barbeque or smoker, for those slow-burning meats with a delicious smoky taste. For gas barbeques, you will need to decide whether you are going to run a gas line to your outdoor kitchen or just rely on gas bottles to fuel your barbequing activities. In some cases, running a gas line to the barbeque may not be a physically available choice.

Still clueless as to which barbeque is going to be the one for you? Let one of our staff take a look at your outdoor kitchen plans and come up with some choices that are going to fit well with your space, style, and personal requirements. We’ve been helping customers nail their barbeque choices for outdoor kitchens for years, so you can trust us to know just which barbeques are going to be your best bet. Come in and visit us at Home Hub in Marsden Park to see our showroom!

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