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Regency Kingston Hybrid Freestanding Wood Fireplace

Regency Kingston Hybrid Freestanding Wood Fireplace let you enjoy the impressive heat performance of Regency’s largest wood fires with today’s clean modern styling. These catalytic wood fires deliver both function and style that feature sleek lines, a contemporary door design and large clean viewing area of a roaring wood fire.

A broad heating range means flexibility

The loading capacity combined with the controllable burn rate of our Eco-Boost technology provides flexibility to heat smaller homes with less reloading and large homes with the maximum capacity available.

Hybrid Catalytic Technology

The catalytic combustor permits the wood to burn slowly delivering up to 24 hours of heat or more* with a single load of wood. Fuel is utilized to its full potential with minimal emissions and high efficiency!





  • Catalytic Stove with Eco-Boost Technology
  • Single lever bypass control to engage catalyst
  • Single-lever air control
  • Steel firebox with firebrick lining
  • Rear heat deflector to reduce clearances
  • Airwash system helps keep the glass clean
  • Discreet ashlip
  • Contemporary cast iron door
  • 170 degree opening door for easy loading
  • Emissions Kingston: 1.0g/kg
  • Extra large ash drawer with cover $150
  • 2-speed fan $299
  • Convector airmate $150
  • Outside air-kit (F3502B only) $75
  • 3.6m Single Storey Flue Kit $539



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