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Lopi ProBuilder 36 Clean Face


The Lopi ProBuilder 36 Clean Face is a contemporary looking inbuilt gas fireplace that will enhance any living area or room. Featuring a ‘clean face’ minimal look, this fireplace does not need additional grills or trims but instead the minimal trim enhances the large glass window which gives an additional focus to the tall dancing flames and realistic log set. The Lopi ProBuilder 36 uses radiant heat throughout the firebox to warm the home, but also features an additional convention fan for extra warmth.

The Lopi ProBuilder 36 comes standard with GreenSmart Basic burner which includes a wall switch as standard. This fireplace can also have a television installed above with the use of the CoolSmart Wall kit.





  • Heats up to 100sqm
  • 5.1kW Heat output
  • Realistic Log Set
  • Optional Remote Control
  • Clean Face Trim
  • Zero Clearance Firebox
  • Made in USA
  • Black Glass Liner $679
  • Common Brick Liner $315
  • CoolSmart Wall Kit Front Vent $679
  • Basic Remote Control $395
  • CoolSmart Wall Kit Side Vent $829
  • Vertical Flue Kit 3.6m $959
  • Horizontal Flue Kit $900



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