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Lopi Flush Wood Medium NexGen


The Lopi Medium Flush Wood is one of the cleanest burning wood fireplaces on the market. This wood fire will heat mid sized open areas with ease, even on the coldest of Winter nights. The Lopi Flush Wood comes standard with a fan for increased heat circulation. With 5 face options, you can customise your fireplace to suit your decor. The Flush Wood Medium can fit into existing brick chimneys, or with the addition of a zero clearance box can be built into timber frames.






  • Heats up to 250sqm
  • Made in the USA
  • Standard Fan
  • Burn Time up to 10 Hours
  • 1.1g/kg Emissions
  • 66% Efficiency
  • Multiple Face Options
  • By Pass Damper
  • Zero Clearance Optional
Price advertised is for firebox and face only One Piece Panel Small $285 One Piece Panel Large $350 One Piece Panel 4 Sided $665 ZC Box and 3.6m ZC Flue Kit $1759



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