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EcoSmart Sidecar 24 Fire Pit Table


Versatile firepit that thinks outside the hearth

Standalone or perfectly paired with complementary furniture pieces, EcoSmart’s modern Sidecar 24 fire pit is created to provide design flexibility for indoor and alfresco environments. With its clean square lines, compact shape and smaller footprint, the 50cm-tall Sidecar 24 is ideal to enhance and illuminate smaller spaces, and if you’re wanting something more for when you entertain, then try adding one, two or more Fluid™ Concrete Cube 24 side-table modules from Blinde Design. The result is a stunning, functional combined fire pit and coffee/side-table – all in one. Each versatile, lightweight, portable module has been designed to perfectly ‘fit’ together to suit your indoor or outdoor room, and you can easily reconfigure and reposition depending on your needs.

Fitted with EcoSmart’s AB8 burner, the fire pit table is fuelled by clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol and will provide over eight hours of warmth, and ambience, along with a mesmerising flame.





  • Simple but chic design, with an ultra-modern geometric base featuring a ‘kick’ that visually lifts the firepit off the floor, and decorative media in the burner tray to add that extra pizazz
  • Made with a smaller footprint to suit spaces where size is a key consideration. It’s equally at home in larger spaces – especially when you take advantage of its versatility
  • Perfect by itself as an individual statement piece of fire furniture, or when it’s paired with optional Blinde Design Cube 24 components, to create a functional, easily configured coffee or side table. Scale up, scale down, the choice is yours!
  • An optional glass cover plate allows for easy conversion to a coffee table when the fireplace isn’t in use
  • Model includes a recessed square glass fire screen, to stabilise the flame in windy conditions. An optional raised round screen is also available
  • See-through optional glass fire screens are available in two different styles, surrounds the burner, providing a clear view of the mesmerizing, dancing flame
  • Powered by the cleanest, most efficient fuel source on the market: bioethanol, a renewable, clean-burning energy source
  • Crafted from weather-resistant Fluid™ Concrete, an incredibly strong yet relatively lightweight material. Features a stain and impact-resistant barrier that protects it from environmental weathering - even under extreme conditions and long UV exposure
  • Dimensions - L 610mm x W 610mm x H 458mm



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