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EcoSmart Pop 8L Designer Fireplace


Make your indoor or outdoor room ‘pop’ with colour.

A low-set modern retro style piece of fire furniture, the Pop 8L is a combination of contemporary influences and nostalgic design elements. Available in bold orange or yellow, black or white, or a custom colour to suit your unique decor, this freestanding, eco-friendly fire will elevate your room or alfresco design. A cylindrical glass screen surrounds the round AB8 burner, ensuring a stunning 360-degree view of the larger-scale dancing flame, with the void beneath the burner providing a space for decorative items.

The Pop 8L complies with the ACCC Safety Mandate.





  • Referencing popular styles from ‘back in the day’, with contemporary elements turning this freestanding fireplace into a modern on-trend piece that transcends trend cycles and brings ambience to your interiors or outdoor rooms.
  • Slender design with linear and cylindrical elements and a functional space for decorative items, the POP is a cool accent piece that makes a big impact and draws you in.
  • Whether you’re after an accent fire or to blend with your design style, POP Series fires allows you to bring a unique personality into your indoor or alfresco room.
  • Available in eye-catching orange, yellow, black or white to suit your personal design style, architectural environment and decor.
  • Crafted from quality stainless steel, with coloured Powder-Coating and Borosilicate Glass, for durability and peace of mind.
  • Powered by eNRG, a natural, clean-burning renewable energy source with no harmful emissions.
  • Dimensions - W 450mm x H 796mm



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